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gonzoboy Arizona
05/22/17 6:57 am

Death row, then commuted to life without parole, for the premeditated first degree double-murders of Nicole Brown, and Ron Goldman.

44YY Boston, MA
05/22/17 7:11 am

Who's to say it was premeditated

gonzoboy Arizona
05/22/17 7:35 am

I'm going with a legal definition, broadly, for "Premeditated"

"Specific intent to commit a crime for some period of time, HOWEVER SHORT [emphasis mine], before the actual crime."

More specific, re the overview for California's 1st Degree murder laws regarding premeditation:

"Deliberation and Premeditation:
Whether a killer acted with the deliberation and premeditation required for first degree murder can only be determined on a case by case basis. The need for deliberation and premeditation DOES NOT MEAN [emphasis mine] that the perpetrator must contemplate at length or plan far ahead of the murder. Time enough to form the conscious intent to kill and then act on it after enough time for a reasonable person to second guess the decision typically suffices. While this can happen very quickly, deliberation and premeditation must occur before, and not at the same time as, the act of killing."

That "period of time" can be the time it takes to see a knife, and the decision to use it.

monkees19 New Jersey
05/22/17 3:47 am

Even if Tulo oh believe he was innocent back in, what, 93? he's still been up to some illegal stuff since then. He's where he belongs.