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ka14tie May 21st, 2017 4:21pm

Is China going to be a developed nation in the next 15 years

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fmm Philadelphia suburb
05/21/17 4:32 pm

not even close at this point - they are developing, but no where close to absorbing all or even most of the available labor

googer11 Minnesota
05/22/17 6:28 am

It looked pretty advanced when I was there last year.

MrWalrus Undergrid
05/21/17 10:43 am

They are a Communist country. Isn't that how a nation is defined as developed in 2017?

ka14tie central tx edge of woods
05/21/17 11:01 am

No and it is at this point mostly capitalist

Plaudible college CS major
05/21/17 11:05 am

Can't really call them communist, if anything they are more capitalist than we are.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
05/21/17 9:48 am

going to take far longer than 15 years - still hundreds of millions of people living in rural areas that won't be touched for a generation