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OrangeCoconut May 21st, 2017 3:16pm

Do you view President Trump as a person of strength?

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Suzan Hawaii
05/21/17 3:23 pm

You would have to have a mighty strong character to endure what he has had to deal with.

Jazzy5 USA
05/21/17 9:28 am

He had 55 Arab nations, representative of 11/2 billion people. They came because they feel he is strength. Which they respect.

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
05/21/17 8:37 am

For those who said, No I would ask on the reasoning

05/21/17 9:24 am

Well he hasn't gotten anything done. I thought he was supposed to be the great deal maker. Instead of rallying republicans and being a hard nosed leader, he just whines on twitter like a snowflake. He also throws everyone who tries to defend him under the bus. That doesn't sound like strength to me

abusara i drink and i know things
05/21/17 12:50 pm

He's whiny. He complains that things aren't fair more than a spoiled child does. That is not the mark of a strong person.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/21/17 2:35 pm

Oh my god no. He consistently needs praise, he needs to be protected from bad reviews, he holds rallies so he can stroke he ego, he whines about everything...everything, he inappropriately talks about his crowd size, he talks big shit then caves when face to face (Mexico), he refuses to be educated on even the simplest things (exercise depletes your finite energy? Wtf) and he curtsied! I wasn't a fan of Obama's bow but at least he didn't curtsy 😂