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PamGH May 21st, 2017 1:03pm

Inside, from The American Conservative, is some good insight on mandatory minimums. It's too long to type here. It is also referencing a book I am currently reading, Locked In. After reviewing position do you feel mandatory minimums are ....

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ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
05/22/17 7:58 am

Drinking and driving needs a minimum. It's crazy that someone gets arrested and they'll have like 12 violations.

05/21/17 1:15 pm

I don't necessarily agree with the length of some mandatory minimums but I think they are warranted in some cases. I think drinking and driving deserves a mandatory minimum.

pcisbs1 Baltimore to Central PA
05/21/17 8:46 am

I don't believe in mandatory minimums, I believe that each case is different

05/21/17 6:48 am

Answer no to all comments thAT REQUIRE you to click open another site to answer.

PamGH Washington
05/21/17 8:31 am

Sorry. I try not to do that. You will find few of mine that do that....but this one was a mouthful.

PamGH Washington
05/21/17 6:03 am

First, especially at the federal level, many minimums are so high that no one really thinks they’re fair and people are rarely sentenced to them. Instead, prosecutors use them as a threat to get defendants to plead guilty to lesser charges or testify against fellow criminals. (About 95 percent of cases end in plea deals rather than trials today.) In other words, they operate as a roundabout way to gut defendants’ constitutional rights: if you make the prosecution prove its case at trial and invoke your right to remain silent about criminal activities you participated in, you receive a patently unfair sentence. Incredibly, the federal prosecutors’ lobby has defended the current mandatory minimums explicitly on these grounds.