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moonshot May 21st, 2017 7:03am

Should journalists try to report both sides of a political story or should they just focus on reporting what's true?

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DonWichita Kansas
05/21/17 5:36 pm

Equal time, you decide.

sea California
05/21/17 12:31 pm

Reporting lies is not the problem. It's the NON REPORTING and omission of facts that is the problem. The media doesn't just tell you what to think. More importantly they tell you what TO THINK ABOUT.

05/21/17 9:58 am

A journalist is seldom fit to determine what is true and what isn't, therefore they should stick to reporting events, claims and counterclaims, and the evidence.

05/21/17 7:30 am

Unfortunately, most currently report what they wish were true or what their boss wants to be true.

skinner Jersey City
05/21/17 5:44 am

If there's a clear truth, then they should report that while reiterating and discrediting the opposition argument. If there is not a clear truth, as is often the case, then they should report both sides of the story without prejudice.