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02/10/13 7:03 pm

Spicy, yes. Hot, no. I like to still be able to taste my food at the end of the meal rather than feel like my tongue's on fire

Titothedog Texas
02/06/13 8:00 pm

Traditional Mexican salsa. Toasted peppers blended, can eat on anything. Also loaded with vitamens.

02/06/13 1:18 pm

I have eaten so much in the last few years a Haba´┐Żero will not cause me to crack a sweat. I have eaten the ghost Chili though, oh God.

omniku dot com
02/06/13 12:39 pm

I read a great article in the Economist about how spicy peppers are a growth commodity because immigrants and fusion cuisine are transforming tastes in the western world so there is much more demand for spicy food. Diversify your portfolio with some habaneros!! ;)

JT78 baton rouge
02/06/13 5:49 am

Not in louisiana. It's all spicy here.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
02/06/13 12:14 am

Mmmm wasabi....

bweezy NOVA
02/05/13 7:42 pm

Eating spicy food when you have hemorrhoids us a bad combo.

hapiotter2 Utah
02/05/13 6:23 pm

It's not the tastebuds that are the problem - it is the rest of the digestive system!

hapiotter2 Utah
02/05/13 6:21 pm

I love spicy food but it does not love me - it gets revenge every time!

02/05/13 5:28 pm

A lot of my family can't stand it, but I love it! Pile it on!

02/05/13 5:22 pm

Something the republicans and democrats can agree on. Hallelujah!!!

c2alife Long Island
02/05/13 5:16 pm

Love spicy food. Craved it when I was pregnant and now she's 10 and also loves spicy food, lol. ????

02/05/13 5:16 pm

My dad didn't believe the warning on the bottle the first time he tried it and ate about 2 teaspoons plain. I've never seen him react like he did to that sauce.

latebird SOH Bunker
02/05/13 3:49 pm

I probably go through a bottle of Tabasco a week, but I usually spice it up with a couple of teaspoons of Dave's Insanity Sauce, that is about 200,000 scoville units tabasco has 5,000 hahaha

02/05/13 3:48 pm

Spicy food is not painful! I freakin' LOVE spicy food! it releases endorphins, which is why we get hooked. I had Thai food for lunch, YUM! I also love Indian food :-)

FaceMoose Over There
02/05/13 3:39 pm

Same here. I don't even like black pepper.

FaceMoose Over There
02/05/13 3:37 pm

Definitely not. For me spicy is not a flavor. For me anything spicy just causes pain and burning in my mouth, which I do not find enjoyable, nor do I find that enhances the food at all.

I do not understand why other people like spicy food. I guess you are all masochists?

TJ0112358 New York
02/05/13 3:08 pm

Bhut Jolokia and Trinidad Butch T Scorpion Pepper. Yum. :)

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
02/05/13 1:37 pm

Remind me of this salsa I saw at the Farmer's market called "What in da Hell?"

02/05/13 11:34 am

How about that legit Indian food? That's spicy!

GiantRobot Pennsylvania
02/05/13 11:11 am

Hatch New Mexico and Anaheim green chiles all the way!!

Victrino New Jersey
02/05/13 10:33 am

I like the most masochistic, hellaciously spicy food I can find. Stay away from that thai crap though, that chili oil will ruin your stomach.

hoosierwisdom inner voice
02/05/13 10:33 am

Shrimp cocktail @ St Elmo's in Indpls. Discover the outer barriers of your sinuses

Victrino New Jersey
02/05/13 10:29 am

Scoville ratings are an estimate of how many times something has to be diluted in water to completely masque the heat. so a scoville of 7000 (a mild jalepe´┐Żo) would take 7000 grams of water to completely dilute 1 gram of the chili.

Victrino New Jersey
02/05/13 10:25 am

more like pure vinegar. That sh*t gives me heartburn. I'll stick to my blairs and Dave's insanity.

eddiej Virginia
02/05/13 10:17 am


eddiej Virginia
02/05/13 10:16 am


Happy Hong Kong
02/05/13 9:07 am

Yes, but it's hard to find. American taste buds seem to be over sensitive.

suppressedID That is my secret Cap
02/05/13 8:57 am

Tabasco = liquid salt.
I take the heavier stuff.

Dan653 New Jersey
02/05/13 8:43 am

Buffalo wings!

DavesNotHere where am I
02/05/13 8:09 am

Um, aciD reflux....

DavesNotHere where am I
02/05/13 8:08 am

Have avid reflux- cannot have spicy stuff.

02/05/13 7:20 am

Even a hint of spice ruins it for me.

02/05/13 7:14 am

EarlyBird, But I can't try UPPER RED. I am so whrimp!

02/05/13 7:12 am

See "Scoville scale" in the Internet about the level of spicy from green to VERY red. Many of you do not know what the Scoville word is.

I first learned this word from National Geographic magazine few years ago.

TeaPartier Dont Tread on Me
02/05/13 7:02 am

West Virginia, Vermont! Y U know like spicy food?!?!

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
02/05/13 7:00 am

Vermonters are a bunch of wussies!!!

02/05/13 6:52 am

Haaaaiilllll yessss! Mexican, Asian,'s all good to me. Can't wait to grow my jalapeños this summer!

lazel fandom rehab
02/05/13 6:42 am

I like American spicy food but I don't think I could handle spicy by Indian standards.

02/05/13 6:40 am

Unless you grew up on that kind of food it may take a while for you to be adventurous enough to try it. My dad thought scrambled eggs were orange until he was 10 from all the spices his mom put in them. He passed that on to my siblings and I.