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ScenarioNations May 20th, 2017 4:07pm

Question of the Day: Does free will exist? Why or why not?

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liam2013 iowa
05/22/17 6:41 pm

Yes. We are not sophisticated biological robots. The fact the quantum mechanics play a part in our nerve synapses means nothing can be predicted. Our thoughts are our own.

05/20/17 1:10 pm

Of course free will exists. Every human and see it through introspection.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/20/17 11:51 am

Yes. It's a 1993 movie about an orca whale.

commonsense America isnt racist
05/20/17 9:57 am

Fate , intelligent design, knowing the future are all mythical.

hellofabird Iceland
05/20/17 9:22 am

We are free to choose, but we are not free from the consequences of our choices

05/21/17 11:36 am

Well said, but then what would will be without consequence?