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FreeAssange May 19th, 2017 5:57pm

Julian Assange was accused of rape in Sweden. The accusation was that he allegedly broke his condom intentionally rather than it breaking naturally. Did you know this is what Assange was accused of or did you think he was accused of unconcentual sex?

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musicotic Michigan
05/19/17 11:51 am

That IS unconsesual sex. The women consented to protected sex, not unprotected sex.

FreeAssange Ecuadorian Embassy
05/19/17 12:12 pm

So how many years should someone get if their condom breaks? He's been chased into an embassy for 6 years.

ctskapski x
05/21/17 7:10 am

If they break their condom, not if it breaks.
He's accused of a willful act, not an accident.

Again, this is just and accusation.
I have no idea how they would prove this, unless they had him saying on some record it was intentional.

I agree, this is nonconsensual sex, if it's true.
Just like a woman should be held accountable for lying about birth control, if that happens.

If the other party consents under the condition of protection, willfully hiding the fact that that protection is not present violates consent.