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Praetorianus May 19th, 2017 5:15am

When listening to music, do you ever crank up the volume so high that there is an audible distortion, like drums going bvrr bvrr instead of boing boing?

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presrvd Phoenix
05/19/17 2:50 pm

Nope. If I want loud, but hear distortion, I get better speakers...

05/19/17 8:29 am

No. Those people are a**holes.

ctskapski x
05/19/17 7:03 am

I try not to, but my speakers are shit.

followingsea Illinois is
05/19/17 12:58 am

Like music, not noise.

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
05/18/17 10:51 pm

No, at least not in recent years. I do remember turning my powerful system up to window rattling and furniture vibrating levels. My neighbors were not happy...

TomLaney1 Jesus is Lord
05/18/17 10:32 pm

No. Distortion misses the point of listening to a clean, digital audio source. Loud is good, but too loud and distorted stinks.

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
05/18/17 10:17 pm

No. I like it loud but can't stand that distortion. I don't seem to gain volume that way, the speakers or earphones are maxed out and I won't torture them.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/18/17 11:48 pm

Exactly. Plus you can kill a cone in a second.