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Zinkshadow1 May 19th, 2017 3:48am

Do you ever contemplate how long you will live?

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presrvd Phoenix
05/19/17 2:53 pm

Nope, my wife does that for me...

Fungi Charlotte NC
05/19/17 6:44 am

With my retirement savings,,,,, maybe one year after I retire would work. 😯

leilu SoCal
05/18/17 10:31 pm

Not something I really think about.

Praetorianus Fair enough.
05/18/17 9:44 pm

Yes, mainly because of inner tension between my ardent wish to live very long/witness future development and the unwillingness to change my very unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, fast food, irregular sleep).

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
05/18/17 9:30 pm

No..... Why chase death.....death will come soon enough!.....