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mtdewbob May 19th, 2017 1:59am

Democrats do not care to see the truth, hear the truth nor do they speak the truth. Democrats only wish to destroy any conservative mind set. Democrats wish to destroy any Republican president seated in office, right now that's Donald J Trump.

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05/19/17 7:25 am


Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
05/18/17 9:23 pm

And Democrat politicians actually get paid for it!

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/18/17 8:01 pm

The butthurt force is strong with the democrats.

05/18/17 7:04 pm

Oh good your broken, with nothing left but hyperbole and exaggerations. Look at the bug brain on you. Whew..... man it must hours if intense scrutiny to to fold like that....

mtdewbob Arizona
05/18/17 7:15 pm

Well aren't you special😂

Fact FL
05/18/17 7:16 pm

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