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Izzynius May 18th, 2017 10:29pm

SSAM poll: I have both liberal and conservative friends outside of SOH. I like German cars more than American cars. I don't buy popcorn when I am at a movie theater. I want to visit Uganda, Kenya, and China. I don't own a gun and will never plan to.

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lcamino Florida and Georgia
05/22/17 6:11 pm

Well that's fine, but if we ever go to the movies, I'm having popcorn!

Axl752 Ontario
05/18/17 6:02 pm

I enjoy Norwegian black metal, especially 2nd wave

05/18/17 4:17 pm

Translation: you have Far-left and center left 'friends', you glorify non-White hellholes, and hate the 2nd amendment. Got it.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/18/17 4:15 pm

I eat healthfully except at All You Can Buffets where I immediately get this urge to eat enough for everyone else in my family who are clearly not getting their $27.95 worth.

Pinkaliscious Peace Out
05/18/17 3:54 pm

What's your favorite make and model car?

05/18/17 3:58 pm

Mercedes-Benz SLK class.

My dad and I rented one when we were in Florida last year and I instantly liked that car. I have been in many cars but I really like the SLK class.

Pinkaliscious Peace Out
05/18/17 11:01 pm

Just a two seater? Convertible?

commonsense America isnt racist
05/18/17 3:48 pm

What do you eat at a movie theater if not popcorn?

05/18/17 3:51 pm

I usually do not order anything. I just come in the movie theater, see the movie, and leave.

If I rarely do order something, it would be pretzel bites.

Xemanis Lawful Good
05/18/17 4:09 pm

I'm with you on that one... There's no reason to buy twizzlers for 5 dollars.

missmorganmarie ...
05/18/17 5:22 pm

bring your own stuff in!

EarlyBird Portland
05/18/17 3:34 pm

Nice. I agree with all of what you mentioned, except visiting China, and I do own a gun.

05/18/17 3:39 pm

Any reason for not wanting to visit China?

05/18/17 3:40 pm

I find that country fascinating. I know it is very crowded but I am interested seeing it for historical and environmental purposes. Not just touristy places.

EarlyBird Portland
05/18/17 3:46 pm

For some reason I have no interest in China or Japan. It's nothing political, I'm not sure what it is.

05/18/17 3:31 pm

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