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VirtualCongress May 18th, 2017 9:03pm

Jklink (L-IA) proposes a Constitutional Amendment

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buffalozulu New Adventures
05/19/17 6:26 am

Unnecessary. The current 10 month rule is fair to VPs who had to serve the back half of a term. Plus, it's more realistic than 8 months

Jkllink VC President
05/18/17 2:46 pm

I should have added something that wouldn't take collinmathew out of office but affect the next presidents.

ranger13 Texas
05/18/17 2:25 pm

Nay. We should keep it like how it really is. 2 full terms plus half of another term.

CajunTrooper Louisiana State Trooper
05/18/17 2:21 pm

Nay this would cause problems with terms. For example if president Collin was to resign now and Ethan takes over, if Ethan decides to run for two terms he would have to cut his second term short and his Vice President would face the same problem if he decides to run for two terms also.

05/18/17 3:40 pm

I feel like there should've been an exception for our administration. Whatever though 🤷🏼‍♂️

johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/18/17 2:20 pm

I like 10 months a bit better. Nay.

05/18/17 2:07 pm

Very much needed. Should have eliminated the loophole where he can switch to speaker and back to pres though

VirtualCongress Speaker NDAmerican
05/18/17 2:04 pm

The president of VC shall not spend eight months or more in the office of the president