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corino May 18th, 2017 8:10pm

Pelosi says Trump should cooperate with a full investigation into Russian issue to put to rest all perception of wrong doing. Before a full investigation into Hillary's emails put to rest all perception of wrong doing D wanted investigation closed.

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followingsea Illinois is
05/18/17 4:21 pm

Trying to think about it, mind won't allow it.

RagingMystic covfefe
05/18/17 1:25 pm

Hillary clinton welcomed the investigation though

Think Lovin Life
05/18/17 2:52 pm

Mystic ... is hat why Mrs Clinton lied and repeatedly and consistently withheld information vital to his he investigation? Is that why after receiving an order to preserve, Mrs Clinton directed her attorneys -- you know, the ones who didn't have security clearances -- to go thru the emails and throw away the incriminating ones?

By your standard, Mr Trump is a model citizen!

Think Lovin Life
05/18/17 4:20 pm

Mystic ... did Mrs Clinton turn over ALL of her emails as required and as she swore on the day she exited her job?

RagingMystic covfefe
05/18/17 4:28 pm

She turned over all the emails she was subpeonaed for

RagingMystic covfefe
05/18/17 4:29 pm

In fact, she was specifically told she didnt need to retain any emails over 60 days old

Malekithe Bedrock
05/18/17 5:15 pm

Bleach bit and smashing computers with hammers plus deleting emails and clandestine meetings at airports

RagingMystic covfefe
05/18/17 5:16 pm

All after she was told she could delete them

Think Lovin Life
05/18/17 5:18 pm

Mystic ... that's a lie. She was told to preserve all emails and she had her lemmings delete 30,000 emails.

I note that you glossed over the fact that the woman who swore to hold the sensitive emails securely and then had lawyers WITHOUT SECURITY CLEARANCES read them. How is that consistent with Mrs Clinton's commitment to hold the emails secure?

She didn't turn over even the subpoena'd emails until much much later.

corino Utah
05/19/17 9:26 am

IF: Hillary welcomed the investigation
AND: as part of the Democrats post mortem they are blaming the investigation
THEN: ???