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LatestScoop May 18th, 2017 6:52pm

LatestScoop has received some information on the mramerica leaks. The account that sent the original pictures changed there account name to dhakakekand. Jklink changed his old account name to vccghbf. Is it jklink?

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Jkllink VC President
05/18/17 11:55 am

I changed my old account name to that because I wanted to use my same username. I just typed in a bunch of letters.

MrAmerica Adoring the Logos
05/18/17 11:54 am

@CollinMatthew @CajunTrooper @Xcrab what do you think of this?

xcrab VC congressman
05/18/17 12:34 pm

At this time I can confirm vccghbf was jklink, I'm not sure about the other account

Jkllink VC President
05/18/17 12:36 pm

vccghbf is me but I'm not the other account.