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Show Of Hands February 5th, 2012 12:00am

What did you think of Hyundai's "Rocky song" commercial? (SBXLVIQ)

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DrKelly Wisconsin
02/05/12 5:21 pm

A little clever, a little catchy.

alaskan sleeping
02/05/12 5:12 pm

WHERES THE AMERICAN VEHICLE COMMERCIALS!!!????? Although that is a huge embarrassment to yourself but also a big confidence boost.

erw331 New York
02/05/12 4:42 pm

Terrible start, hope they improve.

02/05/12 4:36 pm

@Miller Green Bay isn't playing tonight

02/05/12 4:34 pm

Like the idea of these Super Bowl polls, but thus far I don't love any of the commercials. Disappointing.

02/05/12 4:30 pm

so excited about the real-time polls! this will be fun :)