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07/28/13 7:43 pm

I'm an African American female who lives in the suburbs, listens to a variety of music, and plays lacrosse. Lol I don't think I fit in any stereotype.

Brandon1995 San Francisco
07/28/13 6:27 pm

I don't like stereotypes. People shouldn't be labeled.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
07/27/13 9:00 pm

Everyone fits at least one stereotype partially. I was the grunge girl, but the four year varsity cheerleader. Debate club, but played softball. I grew up in a small town, had to keep busy. Lol

awalker14 New York
07/27/13 5:06 am

No, cause I'm a chorus and theater geek, but at the same time, I play field hockey (the most popular sport for girls at my school). My looks don't really have a stereotype either. I'm just kind of average

sbee803 ATL
07/25/13 6:43 pm

I said no until I read a comment about the Scorpio stereotype :( that's me.

07/25/13 2:55 pm

Lesbian stereotype? I think yes.

indiewest cat person
07/24/13 5:39 pm

Choir nerd all the way. Also I suppose I fit the stereotype for Introverts...

07/23/13 10:12 pm

I'm a lesbian. I have short hair, I'm a vegetarian, I love cats, I wear a lot of plaid, and I'm a big fan of Tegan and Sara. Nope, no stereotypes here, folks.

07/23/13 6:15 pm

My obsessions include: history, art, skateboarding, motocross, sci-fi, and fashion. So, no I don't think I fit any stereotypes...

rich1010 Stem Cell Harvesting
07/23/13 5:27 pm

Yes, I'm a geek and proud. :)

Laurie2133 Rural Southwest
07/23/13 5:23 pm

Homeschooling mom of five, grow and make own food, conservative Christian, big city street cop!

07/23/13 8:20 pm

I really don't mean this in a rude way, but that sounds very stereotypical for the super religious like Mormon, fundamentalists,etc.

07/23/13 10:59 am

I don't know if I do...

darthezu Philly
07/23/13 9:27 am

nope unless there's a stereotype for a socialist/pro-gun/hippy/geek/nerd/outdoor survivalist.

07/23/13 10:14 pm

I feel like we would get along.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
07/27/13 9:01 pm

The stereotypical hipster would say " that's ironic".

elleck SOH Fan Club
07/23/13 9:16 am

I am a NASCAR fan who follows technological and political events across the world and loves to spend time on YouTube and shopping in Whole Foods finding foods I'm not allergic to all while answering questions on Show of Hands. I don't think so.

AlGee New York
07/23/13 8:50 am

This is starting to sound like a dating website. "I've got brown eyes and brown hair, an irish and italian mix, I like to read, play soccer, long walks on the beach..."

erinciconte Chicago
07/23/13 7:49 am

I'm a typical white girl because I take a lot of selfies, have a white iPhone 5, go to Starbucks so much they're memorized my order, and I'm addicted to twitter and Instagram.

Congressman Louisiana
07/23/13 9:00 am

Yea that's the standard American white woman these days.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
07/27/13 9:04 pm

Please say not. I'm white, American, and female and do none of those things. Did I miss the intro class or what???

ModerateGOP26 Maine
07/23/13 7:26 am

I guess really German last name with blonde hair and blueish eyes? I'm also really anal about some things, too, so that's definitely German!

07/23/13 6:51 am

Everybody falls under somebody's stereotype. For instance everyone that said no to this question fits my stereotype for someone that thinks they're unique in some way other than everybody else.

FlipFlopGirl Sic semper tyrannis
07/27/13 9:06 pm

Amen. All ppl fit at least one stereotype partially. No matter how unique you think you are. You are unique just like everyone else.

MurikaMan 3.14 is not pi
07/23/13 6:35 am


07/23/13 5:26 am

I'm a metalhead. I don't hate everyone, I don't want to kill people, I don't worship Satan (I'm a Pagan, actually), and I don't dress like a skank. Yes, there are still are metal girls like me out there.

morethancolors Splendora Texas
07/23/13 5:02 am

I'm black and I'm a fast runner, I'm sure that falls under a stereotype somewhere

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/23/13 3:40 am

Yes, but I don't think that people know that the quiet black girl with glasses is actually a closet Psychobilly bartender at night...

07/23/13 8:23 pm

Yea, girl!

07/23/13 1:43 am

I am the typical girl-next-door... Complete with strawberry blonde hair and freckles. I am also the stereotypical white girl that can't dance worth crap. The only thing that is outside the box for me is my DD boobs when I am 110 lbs and under 5'5

funlover heart of it all
07/25/13 9:30 pm

babe, get those pups bobbed. best thing i ever did, no more being gawked at and clothes actually fit.

sevendatesaweek If you dare...
07/22/13 11:52 pm

Maybe a Scorpio stereotype.

desolatia Oregon
07/22/13 10:51 pm

Crazy old cat lady who likes flowers and comfortable shoes.

07/22/13 9:50 pm

I'm 15, Spanish, very conservative, and a female. Pretty sure that breaks a whole bunch of stereotypes.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/22/13 9:29 pm

Fun-loving crazy old lady. I mom or grandma everybody.

lesil Colorado
07/22/13 8:36 pm

Not too much. I guess I'm kind of Jewish, I have curly dark hair and I'm premed. I don't know if I can consider myself frugal because I don't have a job...

lesil Colorado
07/22/13 8:37 pm

I mean, I am Jewish, but I only kind of fit the stereotype

Tandoori Classified
07/22/13 8:35 pm

I'm a smart and apparently cute Asian. People say they want to come up and hug me because I'm so small and stuff.

07/22/13 8:30 pm

Cliche vegan. I literally wrap pigs in blankets.

tehranimitbeh California
07/22/13 8:25 pm

My dad is Iranian... And I love White BMWs

07/22/13 7:53 pm

Perverted bisexual and socialist (not communist) liberal.

07/22/13 7:45 pm

A lot of ppl call me a hippy but although I have hippy qualities I'm a bunch of different... Things. I don't think I'm a hippy hippy

handshown The Midwest West Coast
07/22/13 7:31 pm

You can't paint me with just one brush.

07/22/13 7:42 pm

But you'd look cute yellow. Or red-yellowish. Definitely yellowish.

07/22/13 7:06 pm

Stereotypical nerd and geek.

kitty10964 Illinois
07/22/13 7:25 pm

Who cares? Nerds and geeks are cool.

jetstream6745 Come What May ...
07/22/13 7:04 pm

Asian, grades are A average, play piano and many other instruments, make origami, have a black belt in taekwodo, short for my age, small eyes, people at first glanc ask if I'm Chinese or speak it... Wow I never realized I'm so stereotypical :)

07/22/13 7:43 pm

So, do you speak Chinese?

MoonFireDancer New Jersey
07/23/13 3:41 am

Chinese isn't a language.

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/22/13 6:39 pm

The well off and intelligent white man who uses proper grammar.

07/22/13 7:45 pm

Brother, I feel what you're saying. But I need to let you know. The only people who have a preconceived thought about 'intelligent white men' are white men.

The rest of the universe uses other words, like: douche, tool, or cracker.

yellowbird136 Virginia
07/22/13 6:04 pm

Asian, small eyes, anime, straight A's. But I sometimes wish people would acknowledge my intelligence by my hard work not by "just being an Asian".

07/22/13 7:47 pm

Well sure. But that means you get through college and actually contribute something to society.

You must realize before you do post graduate work, you're really just learning to understand your forebearers.

madolesen Nerdfighteria
07/22/13 4:41 pm

Nerdfighter, love math, science, reading, school, all things involving peeps, strawberry hill, chin waxing, puppy sized elephants, and TFiOS.

Not sure if I'm a stereotypical nerd.

Only some people will understand :)


bnnt Los Angeles
07/22/13 4:24 pm

I live in California and I say, "like", like all the time.

Contra Michigan
07/22/13 4:08 pm

White, middle class guy who can't get a job and loves running and politics... Not so much.

thndrstrike Salinas, California
07/22/13 3:48 pm

Well, maybe not the rich part...

purplemonkey New York
07/22/13 3:47 pm

yes bitchy working mom so don't fuck with me

rcgrant south carolina
07/22/13 3:40 pm

southern white guy.. to many open doors to pick one. but I never slept with my cousins, I sent them home when we finished