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Zinkshadow1 May 18th, 2017 1:48am

Is there, or can there be, any benefit at all whatsoever for hate? Does hate have any place in society at all?

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sea California
05/18/17 12:41 pm

Every law on the books is a result of hate.

mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
05/18/17 8:05 am

Sometimes. If it can be a motivating factor to get one to act positively. By itself, hate can also destroy a person from within.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/18/17 5:26 am

Some things should be hated

05/18/17 2:39 am

Certain things ought to be hated.

ZeBrACaKe69 Tennessee Rand Fan
05/18/17 1:46 am

I hate getting cutoff in traffic, hitting the brakes, and having the cookie cake fall off of the seat.

keyboardwarrior Illinois
05/18/17 1:15 am

I hate when I burn popcorn and it smells like burning for several hours.

Pinkaliscious Peace Out
05/18/17 12:24 am

Hate is extreme and I am not prone to extremes.

Greenie Social Democrat
05/17/17 7:59 pm

Hate is simply a byproduct of ignorance.

Zinkshadow1 Tallahassee
05/17/17 8:02 pm

Are you implying you don't hate anything at all in this world?

willg basically Dulles Airport
05/18/17 3:44 am

You don't hate child molesting or animal abuse? Not the people but the acts themselves?

44YY Boston, MA
05/18/17 9:36 am

The acts themselves are products of hate

SauceBoss nj
05/19/17 8:57 pm

Not necessarily. Rapists don't always rape out of hate. Usually out of disregard for others which is =\= hate

Finny Conservative Lesbian
05/17/17 6:52 pm

Disagreements, yes. Hate, no