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AmericanpartyVC May 17th, 2017 7:40pm

The NF has strong reason to believe the MrAmerica conversation is taken from a conversation he had with CollinMatthew, and then Matthew shared the photo on a private group chat which is still ongoing. Notice Matthew loyalists attacked America first?

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mfjd1948 rural johnson co iowa
05/18/17 4:56 am

What kind of lunatic fringe garbage is this?

johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/17/17 1:02 pm

Most Matthew loyalists (Lucaval, me, etc..) said it was a dumb accusation and a non-issue, thus defending Mr. America. Here's an idea Nation Front, why don't you submit a case asking VCBreakingNews to reveal who received the pictures and who they received it from.

AmericanpartyVC Chair CovfefeDealer
05/17/17 1:05 pm

The National Front received the pictures also

05/17/17 12:57 pm

Is there ever any proof for these claims?

AmericanpartyVC Chair CovfefeDealer
05/17/17 1:05 pm

The people who sent proof can say it in the comments but I'm not gonna reveal without permission. There are 2 sources directly involved saying its a CM screen grab. CollinMatthew should comment on the state of the group chat right here if its no big deal. The motive seems like it was to remove MrAmerica as Chief Justice or smear the National Front. For the DemocratsVC one, notice how none of the party leaders even bothered to comment? Because they know its true.

05/17/17 1:24 pm

lmao no

AmericanpartyVC Chair CovfefeDealer
05/17/17 1:27 pm

Notice he doesn't answer about the group chat

AmericanpartyVC Chair CovfefeDealer
05/17/17 12:42 pm

The National Front demands that president @CollinMatthew answer on whether or not he disbanded the group chat for his campaign. We have seen him blaming the National Front all day long on being the leaker and don't take kindly to those kind of smear jobs. Multiple sources are corroborating our findings.