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timeout May 17th, 2017 5:32pm

At the commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy today Trump said "No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated (by the media) worse or more unfairly". Do you think the president has been treated unfairly?

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ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
05/18/17 8:02 am

He's been treated the most unfairly?
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I think Obama, Bush, Dukakis (after he got whipped) and Carter oughtta take him behind the house and whip his ass

commonsense America isnt racist
05/18/17 7:56 am

Of course. You'd be 100% biased not to see it.

fmm Philadelphia suburb
05/17/17 1:11 pm

his problems are of his own making

suppressedID destiny is right now
05/17/17 12:58 pm

What did Trump do while the cadets were laughing? 😂

cpaswr just say the letters
05/17/17 12:17 pm

Trump is the source of his own problems.

05/17/17 12:08 pm

He has brought all his troubles in himself. He's got the Congress behind him but he still keeps shooting himself in the foot (or knee) and perhaps soon in the heart.

timeout Boston Strong
05/17/17 12:06 pm

The media is reporting what they see. He has only his own actions to blame, idiotic statements, constantly changing views, his obsessive need for approval, his lack of respect for the courts and the media, just overall bad judgement shows how unqualified he is. His administration has been a train wreck, no president has been as bad at this than him.

BarryB Was it something I said
05/17/17 11:35 am

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HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/17/17 11:23 am

Worse than the treatment he has received is a disregard for the American public, the institution of journalism, and an honest election. Bernie suffered the most.

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 11:20 am

Is there any doubt? Nothing but fake news from anonymous sources and hysterical Democrats making asses of themselves.

Jazzy5 USA
05/17/17 11:29 am

For anyone to say otherwise, is in middle school or a true hater...
I had hoped he would have been given a chance..
If he succeeds, it means jobs, tax relief, security, HC, better schools for inner city, infrastructure. I don't get it...

05/17/17 11:39 am

Jazz, Obviously we have a shameless President, surrounded by sycophants, hell bent on selling the USA to Vladimir Putin. Who is in the White House the day after firing Comey - Mr Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister with their photographer. Trump and his cronies, including the AG, are dangerous traitors! Someone needs to wake up the elephants in the room!

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 11:40 am

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jazzy5 USA
05/17/17 12:09 pm

Nap: that is a mature comment...

napoleonsan California
05/17/17 12:39 pm

Well, Jazzy, I'm not any more immature than Trump is. But I'm definitely more mature, and actually an honest human being (I believe one of the rarest things on this planet).

Jazzy5 USA
05/17/17 2:49 pm

Sorry, you can't prove it by that comment.

napoleonsan California
05/17/17 3:09 pm

Let's turn the wheel and go another route. You said that I made a mature comment (obviously being sarcastic); what are your views on immature comments, like ones Donald Trump would make? One example would be when he mocked the disabled reporter on national television. Your answer is all I need to determine if you are , in my overly critical opinion, a waste to the progress of humanity or not.

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 3:38 pm

Donald Trump is not going to be impeached on anonymous sources making up fake news and hearsay.

lendluke iowa
05/17/17 11:05 am

Yes, but I would say all president are treated unfairly. I guess Trump might be being treated more unfairly than normal, but has said something pretty stupid stuff so it is hard for me to compair him to others.

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
05/17/17 11:03 am

I don't know for sure. He is being treated unfairly, but I thought he was this "alpha male." Yet here he is whining about it at a commencement.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/17/17 10:51 am

Geee. Do democrat "journalists" show their bias against a republican in their reporting? Yes they do.

napoleonsan California
05/17/17 12:07 pm

I suppose you turn a blind eye, when republicans do the same.... such ignorance. All presidents are treated the same, in a sense. He is one of the few presidents has gone out and made big statements about what a president should and should not do, and then did the complete opposite, when becoming the president.So yes, of course he is getting treated this way. People made fun of Obama and mocked him and went after his birth certificate, etc. And people made fun of trump and went after his tax return and etc.

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/17/17 12:19 pm

The only ignorance is you jumping to conclusions.

ezh2o Texas Hill Country
05/17/17 10:51 am

The liberal fake news media "Can't handle the truth . . . " In fact they wouldn't recognize the truth if it smacked them in the face.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
05/17/17 10:46 am

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elfangor USA
05/17/17 10:41 am

Trump has made many mistakes that he deserves to be called out for, but when CNN has "Trump eats two scoops of ice cream; everyone else has one" as a headline, he clearly is being treated unfairly.

napoleonsan California
05/17/17 12:10 pm

The media has made similar to other presidents.

Reckoner Overseas
05/17/17 10:34 am

He's delusional.