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VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/17/17 7:34 am

Q1: How do you plan to bring the Virtual Congress forward as Secretary of Treasury?

Ranger: As secretary of treasury I plan to create and maintain a budget for vc. For a long time vc has passed many bills without really knowing the overall effect on the budget. I hope to create a budget so vc members can see the current state of the vc budget and how the bills we are passing change it.

VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/17/17 7:36 am

Q2:How are you with the programs? Do you plan on tracking it on the website?

Ranger: I am pretty god with excel and Microsoft office. I have actually taken multiple courses on excel. It is my goal to have a budget on the website and to regularly update it so vc members can see the current budget. This is all still a work in progress though, I hope to have it done soon.

VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/17/17 7:38 am

Q3:How would you define your own personal political ideology? What are some of your beliefs?

Ranger: I am in the center of the political spectrum and tend to lean fiscally conservative and socially moderate. I believe in a responsible government and believe we should work to lower the deficit and decrease the massive amount of debt, but we must do these things in a responsible way. As treasury secretary I intend to work with the president and others to create a budget that will be best for the country.

VCBreakingNews Official VC News
05/17/17 7:39 am

Q4: What other features should be added to the VC?

Ranger: I think a budget will be a great addition to the vc once it is fully implemented. I also liked the idea of a senate. We just need to find a way to create a senate that vc members like and is not too complicated