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RussianThunder May 17th, 2017 11:01am

This is just a public service announcement 😁. If someone sends you a video link to something called "Sonia disowns Raul" not open it. It is a nasty virus that infects your mobile device. This might not be true but I am passing it on in case.

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pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/17/17 12:22 pm

But what is Sonia has disowned Raul and we will never learn the details about it!!! How can we ever know FOR SURE what to do?!?

Suzan Hawaii
05/17/17 9:52 am

I appreciate that information like this.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/17/17 7:18 am

Thanks. A friend sent me a cautionary email so I thought I would share, just to be safe.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
05/17/17 5:03 am

Thank you. Anyone receiving that email, please forward it to Sen. Schumer, Rep. Pelosi or Mr. John Podesta immediately for further review!

05/17/17 6:30 am

Don't forget john McCain, Lindsey grahamnesty, Paul ryan, and Mitch McConnell.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/17/17 11:45 am

We might save a Billion $$ if Washington we're to be disabled for a day

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
05/17/17 4:30 am

I never open video or other links especially from people I don't know.

rons Thanks America
05/17/17 4:19 am

I only open attachments of people I trust or businesses I deal with. I never click on a link in a message that tells me to do so.
I usually will go login to the site itself.
I'm not paranoid but I'm not stupid either.