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cowboy May 17th, 2017 7:23am

Seth Rich was murdered for leaking information to Wikileaks. Bradley Manning's sentence for leaking information to Wikileaks was commuted by Barry Soetoro and he will be walking out of prison 35 years early today. The media ignores Seth Rich.

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cowboy Proud Father
05/23/17 12:15 pm

I don't hang my hat on what Fox News thinks. Seth Rich was obviously murdered for what he knew.

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/19/17 8:27 am

The family has pleaded with Fox news to stop politicizing this. And Hannity hasn't. The right wingers believe the wikileaks stuff, yet there is no evidence or proof, and the family thinks he was murdered because of a botched robbery. The murder is still being investigated so nobody really knows what happened. Yet. I really should have seen the date of the article though.

DexNav Location
05/18/17 9:07 pm

Trump supporter's majority opinion:

WikiLeaks: Wow! Such a helpful organization! Leak Hillary's emails!

Intelligence agencies: Ew! They leak stuff! They shouldn't do that- it's wrong!

snowflake2020 Florida State University
05/17/17 1:48 pm

FBI refuses the claim that he was in touch with Wikileaks and the author of the story admitted he got his info from Fox News. Next conspiracy theory please...

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 1:57 pm

More proof that James Comey was incompetent and had to go.

snowflake2020 Florida State University
05/17/17 2:00 pm

The only evidence of a conspiracy was created by Fox News (seriously). It's not even probable enough for an investigation.

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 2:01 pm

Seems that Comey has real problems with technology. First he couldn't find Hillary's illegal emails, then Rich's 44,000. He's just an incompetent boob.

ReligiousCommie No Longer Active
05/17/17 11:26 am

They should focus on both.

abusara i drink and i know things
05/17/17 4:16 am

Try this on for size.

The Russians killed Seth because they knew the rightwing fever swamps would pick up the ball and run with a "Hillary did it" conspiracy (because they would be the ones whispering it to cranks like Infowars) in order to hide their fingerprints on the hacking.

And the

rons Thanks America
05/17/17 4:20 am

Hillary gave him two to the back of the head.

cowboy Proud Father
05/17/17 5:38 am

The mainstream media isn't even saying that. There's a media blackout on the murder of Seth Rich because it leads to Hillary and Barry Soetoro. Meanwhile Bradley is still on active duty and will receive healthcare and other entitlements from tax payers.

Jazzy5 USA
05/17/17 6:00 am

Agree... just said the MSM throws trash and the left runs with it to distraction.
That young man died because of the politics. DC is a toxic swamp .

05/17/17 6:34 am

What difference at this point does it make who killed him? All that matters is whether or not he was the one doing the leaking...if he was, the Russian "story" will be shown to be the nothingburger that it is...did you know that the Russian bullshit was invented by the Hillary camp less than 32hrs after she lost? No talks of Russians prior to that.

Jazzy5 USA
05/17/17 7:12 am

The point is he is dead. I can't dismiss his death that easily.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
05/17/17 12:33 am

The blood trail leads to Killary