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Loveus May 17th, 2017 7:06am

It is 3 am and I just finished my 3rd graders book report. Does anyone else spend hours on your kids homework or is it just me?

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DonWichita Kansas
05/17/17 2:19 pm


orgblu10 Shamerica
05/17/17 8:36 am

I'm not doing their homework - I already graduated. When they ask for help, I help. That's as far as it goes.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/17/17 7:47 am

My mom doesn't do my schoolwork

Wert A picture of my Tit
05/17/17 7:34 am

You did his homework? You should direct him in his work, not do it.

05/17/17 6:23 am

Why the hell are you doing your kid's book report. Do not reward bad behavior.

Plaudible college CS major
05/17/17 6:18 am

Doing your child's work is something I'd advise against. Speaking from experience, 7 years ago when I was in elementary school still, we all had those two kids whose parents did everything for them. Going on into middle school and junior high they wouldn't take responsibility for any of their work and ended up dropping out. Probably a bit dramatic, but still, don't do homework for your kids, please!!

05/17/17 3:33 am

You did your child's work? You should read the book "the vanishing American adult". Kids need to learn hard work and failure in order to grow. Otherwise your gonna have a 40 yr old living at home thinking it's ok and that their not ready yet to move out.

Iamamerican California
05/17/17 12:11 am

I did my time with my youngest since he has ADHD and learning disabilities. Glad that's done!