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rons May 17th, 2017 2:19am

The Chinese took a shot at our SJW by insulting people in China by calling them "white left" similar to a cuck! Should our liberal friend boycott items made in China?

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Kamden popular revolt
05/17/17 3:27 am

According to Tucker's broadcast last night, the term doesn't just apply to SJWs, but much of the Democratic Party and its constituents. It originated from the actions of the always Holocaust-Guilty Angela Merkel.

rons Thanks America
05/17/17 4:05 am

Ok, so the SWJ they meant were the German's. But the shoe sure fits.

Kamden popular revolt
05/17/17 4:07 am

I was just reading more into it. That's only the origins of the term, the shoe has been fitted on Obama and Hillary as well.
It's hilariously accurate.

Harry3603 Tampa Bay Florida.
05/16/17 7:57 pm

The Liberals have a right to feel offended and boycott. I have to admit to agreeing with the Chinese in their appraisal and contempt for our weakest link. The Chinese refer to them as the "White Left".

seal7471 Canada
05/16/17 7:49 pm

Umm that's not like cuck. They are literally the white (American) Left (political spectrum)

Kamden popular revolt
05/17/17 3:27 am

Actually the term originated from the actions of Angela Merkel as far as I understand.

rons Thanks America
05/17/17 4:06 am

Most likely applies to worldwide white liberals.

rons Thanks America
05/17/17 4:08 am

In any event the Chinese insult each other by the the "white left". Similar to the was we call each other azzholes.