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Praetorianus May 17th, 2017 12:38am

Inspired by main poll: if only one version of the one dollar denomination were to be, it should be the..

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05/18/17 11:49 am

Neither. Lets just switch to debit or paypal. Not like we use either of them anyways

susanr Colorado
05/16/17 6:55 pm

The bill. I don't carry many bills because I do most transactions with a credit card, but I do like to have at least 5 $1 bills along with at least 1 $5 and a few $10 bills. Most of the smaller ones are for tipping purposes, often to put together a $6-$8 tip for a breakfast for 3, sometimes a smaller tip for myself, but it's seldom $5 or $10 unless it's a more expensive meal.

I really don't feel like carrying around 6-8 fairly heavy $1 coins all the time. The bills are easy.

People who prefer to use cash rather than credit cards may have even more need for multiples of $1.


CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/16/17 5:48 pm

Ever try making it rain in a strip club with dollar coins? It's not pretty

cpaswr just say the letters
05/16/17 6:47 pm

What happened when you did it?

Praetorianus In the uncanny valley
05/16/17 5:43 pm

The coin, it's more durable, but should be plated with the same nickel alloy as the dime; brass tarnishes fast then looks ugly with barely readable denomination.
The much handled $1 bills are often faded and frayed.