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nate19 May 17th, 2017 12:19am

Tennessee became the first state to make community college free for all adults. This will start fall of 2018. Good idea?

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Butters Wisconsin
05/17/17 1:34 am

Great idea! Now for the rest of the states to follow.

Domino3 Abolish the ATF
05/17/17 12:20 am

I thought they already had this though.

Suzan Hawaii
05/16/17 9:53 pm

Who is going to pay for it?

evoecon nearest binary system
05/16/17 9:40 pm

I don't believe they are the first.

nate19 WI
05/16/17 9:52 pm

What I understand is that there are cities that have done this, but not whole states.

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
05/16/17 6:52 pm

"free college", hmm, free how? Tuition angels?

Pinkaliscious Peace Out
05/16/17 6:24 pm

What a brilliant investment into their future. Bravo!

jfish82285 Tennessean in Colorado
05/16/17 6:16 pm

Great idea. Haslam hasn't been the best governor, but this is definitely a good first step.

doober72 Vidalia, Ga.
05/16/17 6:03 pm

Ignore LibArtie.

Butters Wisconsin
05/17/17 1:33 am

Ignore doober

Jazzy5 USA
05/16/17 5:44 pm

Nothing is free...

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/16/17 5:27 pm

Who's going to pay for said free college? Tennessee tax payers?

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:34 pm

It's an investment in educating its population. It pays back in spades.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/16/17 5:35 pm

Good then all the tax payers that want it can pay for..

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:38 pm

That's not how taxes work. You don't get to pick and choose what suits your individual needs and desires.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:24 pm

Really? I'm surprised that such a backward state would legislate a smart educational program.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/16/17 5:30 pm

Look at you putting down an entire state..

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:32 pm

Yup. I can list more.

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/16/17 5:37 pm

You're so arrogant..yet there's something mildly intriguing..

swervin Maryland
05/16/17 5:39 pm

Lol, what an asshole. Puts down an entire state even when they are doing something positive. I hope you drive your car into a power transformer.

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:40 pm

I'm a truth teller with a twist of arrogance.😄

LibArtie SW Connecticut
05/16/17 5:42 pm

I hope you swervin to one too!😂