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PamGH SW Washington
05/17/17 8:49 am

I support the idea of educational choice, so I support them. Their ability to outperform public education is a contested issue.

musicotic Michigan
05/17/17 4:35 am

They take valuable money from public schools in need and are often frauds.

hellofabird Iceland
05/17/17 8:10 am

Where are you getting that from? It seems you've made your assumptions based on bigotry without considering how charter schools help and solve problems that brick and mortar schools can't

musicotic Michigan
05/17/17 8:15 am

Not all charter schools are bad yes, but currently I can't support them.because of the widespread fraud and lack of insurance of quality education.

hellofabird Iceland
05/17/17 9:03 am

Well then it seems like you're against people getting into the business that don't really have a vested interest in education. The charter school I'm most familiar with is epic charter schools. Originating in Oklahoma. Everything I know about them even recent decisions made by the board are about improving education. They're able to run more effectively than brick and mortar and under the right management they are better for the students. I know of a few occasions where schools going under where absorbed by charter schools and even through the teachers and some staff were put out of a job it kept the public school from going under. They operate on less funding that traditional schools, and because they have low overhead and operate on different/ less restrictive rules, if the leaders of the school do it right( i.e. Not pitbull) then they are better for students. It's individual learning which for a lot of students is what they need to succeed and they won't get it in traditional school

musicotic Michigan
05/17/17 9:31 am

No, I'm against unregulated education of children. Kids are having their futures 'expert' with. If the schools remained public schools, but could experiment with alternative methods of teaching, I'd be all for it.

hellofabird Iceland
05/17/17 2:39 pm

I mean a good charter school does exactly that. Epic is entirely public and has great ratings with 98% of returning/ annual students testing. The biggest problems with the government running things is strict pointless regulations that drain the schools budgets. Charter schools don't have those regulations meaning that they can do more for less and just like any school it has to be run by people who care about education. Brick and mortars can just as easily disregard education as a charter school

Butters Wisconsin
05/17/17 1:51 am

My community has great teachers. I support public education. Charter schools suck tax payer funding from necessary schools and can close and take our tax payer money without warning.

hellofabird Iceland
05/17/17 8:13 am

Charter schools, at least the ones I'm familiar with, take less funding from the government. They get about half as much funding as brick and mortar and make it go twice as far

Butters Wisconsin
05/21/17 3:32 am

Charter schools have popped up in Milwaukee then closed overnight taking their funding with them. They are not better schools. They have just as many problems and don't serve the needs of students with disabilities.

hellofabird Iceland
05/21/17 8:27 am

I beg to differ, charter schools can work one on one with students. They do have heir problems but when it comes to focusing on students individual needs. Charters schools take the cup.

Suzan Hawaii
05/16/17 10:18 pm

They are terrific. They will help to kill off the bad schools and boost the better schools. They're often fought by unions because they would lose control.

Jazzy5 USA
05/16/17 6:05 pm

My friends daughter teaches at a charter school, they get in by lottery, special need children as well.
Many students, received scholarships at graduation.
She was hugged by crying parents that never dreamed this would happen.
Charter works, when the students are the main focus!

commonsense America isnt racist
05/16/17 4:37 pm

I think they are fine. More choices means more freedom.

hellofabird Iceland
05/16/17 4:40 pm

Exactly, and the ones I'm familiar with don't have the strict regulations that tie down brick and mortar schools

ProudAmerican45 North Joisey
05/16/17 4:52 pm

Agree 💯%..and I'm a public school teacher