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polster2 May 16th, 2017 9:50pm

According to a new report, Trump met with former FBI Director James Comey at The White House and asked Comey to stop investigating Michael Flynn's ties to Russia. By Trump's own admission, he fired Comey for continuing to investigate. Thoughts?

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05/17/17 7:52 pm

Gossip!! Wait until the note is published then we can be voting on fact not hearsay.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/16/17 3:32 pm

This poll doesn't make any sense.

polster2 US
05/16/17 3:33 pm

It makes sense if you're not huffing paint.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/16/17 2:54 pm

"Reportedly made the request"... the newspapers can manufacture their own news.
American's Pravda only from the DNC and much more histrionic.

polster2 US
05/16/17 2:58 pm

It's better than Putin executing journalists he disagrees with.

Iamamerican California
05/16/17 3:23 pm

It's WaPo.....can anyone believe them?

polster2 US
05/16/17 3:33 pm


Iamamerican California
05/16/17 3:38 pm

WaPo and HuffPo have a history of stretching the truth beyond credibility.

thatguy2 We tried to warn you
05/16/17 3:46 pm

The New York Times also reported. Let me guess....they don't count either, right? The only legitimate news is the news that tells you what you want to believe, isn't it?

polster2 US
05/16/17 3:48 pm

Thatguy...Republicans' confirmation bias knows no bounds.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/16/17 4:04 pm

No, the issue is that they all stretch the truth. Fox and other conservative outlets to the point of excusing Trump were he to murder someone. MSNBC, WaPo, HP etc. to the point if he sneezes he's colluding with the Russians. I never knew the American media was so biased and so dishonest.
Did he collude with the Russians? Maybe. There's no proof but I'm open to proof. Do they want him out of office because they dislike him? Maybe. Not Hannity, he would do Trumps laundry if he asked him to.
Trumps views on Russia have changed and my hope for a cessation of ill feelings is gone. I don't really care anymore but to be honest, I think the media has covered nothing but Trump and people are getting tired of it. It seems so far over the top on both sides, I wonder where the truth is. You could not trust the media in Russia either. I just thought the US was different but maybe no country is.

RussianThunder Russia and USA
05/16/17 8:36 pm

Fareed! He's such an ass.

Vova scorched him once. Then Fareed did a CNN special about how Putin was the most powerful man in the world. Fareed! What a tool

It's subtitled.