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truspec Texas
05/16/17 4:00 pm

Melissa is hilarious as Spicer. It surprised me because I usually don't find her movies funny

05/16/17 7:07 pm

What about bridesmaids?

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/16/17 3:18 pm

Ugly. On both counts.

Pinkaliscious Peace Out
05/16/17 3:12 pm

I 💖 Melissa McCarthy!!!

Kay41 the Midwest
05/16/17 2:56 pm

She's funny. 😁

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
05/16/17 2:52 pm

Don't normally like Melissa McCarthy as an actress, but her Spicy impressions are fantastic

Izzynius Independent
05/16/17 2:45 pm

Melissa McCarthy playing as Sean Spicer or the real Sean Spicer?

Izzynius Independent
05/16/17 2:53 pm

I vote for Melissa McCarthy.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/16/17 2:53 pm

Thanks for the explanation. I was going to say I didn't know the Asian person on the left! Lol