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Finny May 16th, 2017 8:02pm

What is your opinion on genetically modifying the genes for disabilities and diseases out of the human gene pool if possible?

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FarmerManE djent
05/17/17 5:24 am

I fail to see any negative here

LaReine Communist Lesbian
05/16/17 8:18 pm

People who recognize that the vast benefits that gene therapy could provide to humanity will be tainted and stunted by a motive of profit.

This coming from someone going into the field.

PamGH SW Washington
05/16/17 3:31 pm

Like it or not, it is the future. Our hand wringing over ethics has put us behind the Chinese in this field. I say keep it ethical, but push forward full steam ahead.

Yessy French Texan
05/16/17 1:41 pm

I mean I'm not against but in a biological perspective it make the human race a bit weaker. I usually say let nature do its thing, but this is very controversial. I know that I have to put myself in that position so I'll say for