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mtdewbob May 16th, 2017 7:20pm

ABC's hit sitcom show Last Man Standing is being canceled due to viewer compliances about underlined conservative values. Please sign the attached petition to save the show.

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suppressedID destiny is right now
05/17/17 12:56 pm

NOT because if content. It was canceled because Allen consistently dragged out negotiations and held out for more $$$$.

ScenarioNations California
05/17/17 8:20 am

I won't sign it but not because of politics. I thought the political jokes were quite funny and I'm liberal; but most of the show was just boring, forgettable, and eh.

JulieB Texas Lake House
05/16/17 10:52 pm

Signed. I am binge watching that show now. I always thought it was funny when I would catch an episode, but now I've started from the 1st season.

SniperNoSniping VC Congressman PLP VA
05/16/17 10:11 pm

Why? It's cheesy and cliché

ctskapski x
05/16/17 8:36 pm

It's just a lousy Tim Allen show.
I don't like much TV, especially not sitcoms.

Wert A picture of my junk
05/16/17 4:15 pm

I've never watched it and don't plan to.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/16/17 1:32 pm

I posted a poll yesterday for the one at Yesterday, they were only short 10K votes out of 75K to take it to the network.

I've never heard of the site you've posted, so I'll stick to the one I posted.


JulieB Texas Lake House
05/16/17 10:55 pm

Are you Deputy Matt? I signed it!

JulieB Texas Lake House
05/16/17 11:06 pm

On the site it says the poll was posted by Deputy Matt.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/16/17 11:13 pm

Oh, that would probably be whoever started this poll! Lol

TenFeetHigher neo monarchist
05/16/17 12:28 pm

Who gives a fuck it's awful and had bad ratings.