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VirtualCongress May 16th, 2017 7:14pm

President CollinMatthew nominates KingKellan to the position of Secretary of State

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GrandMaster New York
05/16/17 2:13 pm

Nay, isn't active enough; change before you get nominated.

05/16/17 2:12 pm

What is your position, on Syria. What is your position on Russia? And last who did you support during the primaries, and general election?

KingKellan moderate republican
05/16/17 8:37 pm

I think Syria is a bit of a quagmire, but keep some troops there. Sorry for the late response

skinner Wisconsin
05/17/17 1:02 pm

What would be the purpose of the troops there? To combat Daesh and to support the Free Syrian Army? Or will it be limited to strictly counterterrorism and not toppling the regime of Syria's despot?

johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/16/17 1:47 pm

Yea, but like the Colin said he needs to be more active. He's barely comments.

political Georgia
05/16/17 12:27 pm

I don't know this person.

SniperNoSniping VC Congressman PLP VA
05/16/17 12:16 pm

Yea, but weird nomination since he tried to impeach you

05/16/17 1:34 pm

I forgot about that. He's always been friendly to me but hopefully we can have a good working relationship. Hopefully he's more active than he is now as well. I told him he needs to be or I will remove him.