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PamGH May 16th, 2017 5:15pm

NC: Plastic additive maker Carolina Color Corp. has an unusual way of finding workers: It recruits mostly from the local prison. They have had great success and very low turn over rates. More companies should consider tapping into this population.

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musicotic Michigan
05/19/17 3:15 pm

Only if it is consensual. WE SHOULDN'T HAVE SLAVERY!

MyRedSkirt Cali
05/16/17 11:01 pm

Better yet. Have convicts do the work to pay their fines.

RagingMystic covfefe
05/16/17 11:18 am

If you mean they hire ex cons, then yeah definitely, but if you mean using prison labor then definitely not

bartman71 USW
05/16/17 10:52 am

Agree, as long as it's on the up and up.