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Show Of Hands May 16th, 2017 3:00pm

Would you be able to pull an 'all-nighter' tonight, not sleeping at all, for $200?

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musiman28 Cotton country
05/29/17 9:32 pm

Able to, yes. For $200? I doubt I'd do it. But to help a friend I'd do it for free.

dxstap Bloomington, Indiana
05/24/17 8:05 pm

I would be able but wouldn't for $200.

ShakaBrah California
05/18/17 10:01 pm

Do that all the time.
If Trump were to pay me, he'd be in debt.

BatmansParents Monarch Theater
05/18/17 5:39 pm

I do that on the regular. Thanks high school

rukidding Colorado
05/18/17 4:14 pm

A better question for me is could I do it. Nah way too old.

05/18/17 11:48 am

Ofc. Being a medical intern does that to ya.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/17/17 11:30 pm

Yes. I have sleep disorders and the middle of the night is generally my best time of day!

NexusBlue California
05/17/17 11:18 pm

More money,please.
Starting at $2000

05/17/17 5:47 pm

Able, yes. Willing for $200, no. You'd have to up that number quite a bit to make it worth it.

05/17/17 2:03 pm

I do it for free

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
05/17/17 11:25 am

I have new born twins. I am going to be pulling an all nighter if I like it or not.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/17/17 11:17 pm

And many more to come! Lol

grondini Mainer in NC
05/17/17 11:01 am

I work nights, so definitely. Tonight is night 7 of my usual 10.5 hour shifts. Huge benefit: 7 days off. Yup, I work 7 on 7 off. Best schedule ever!!!!

Henry123 Connecticut
05/17/17 11:38 am

What job??

grondini Mainer in NC
05/17/17 11:40 am

Hospital/ER pharmacist - my shift is 930p to 8a

Henry123 Connecticut
05/17/17 11:41 am

That sounds like an awesome schedule

grondini Mainer in NC
05/17/17 11:44 am

It is...the 75+ hour week is exhausting, but if I take my work week off as my vacation, I get 3 weeks in a row off. I've done some awesome traveling!!

TreeHugs Oregon
05/17/17 8:18 am

Yep, I'd have to take the day off tomorrow.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
05/17/17 8:20 am

It wouldn't be worth it for me to stay up the whole night for $200 and take the next day off work.

TreeHugs Oregon
05/17/17 8:21 am

Nope, not worth it. Wouldn't even waste a sick day for $200.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
05/17/17 8:23 am

I'm saying it wouldn't fully compensate me for the day lol

05/17/17 2:54 am

Jokes on you, I'm doing it anyway for a final tomorrow :(

05/17/17 7:02 am

Good luck! I've been there...

05/17/17 12:07 am

I'm up anyway doing my 3rd graders book report

Suzan Hawaii
05/16/17 9:47 pm

Not for $200

NewGeneration Washington DC
05/16/17 8:18 pm

Can I do it? Yes. For $200? Pshhh no

theNobamist straight lives matter
05/17/17 12:23 am

Indeed. It will cost me more than that by being tired at work tomorrow.

jmw7477 Indiana
05/16/17 7:17 pm

I'm not doing it tonight, but I will tomorrow. I'm going with a few friends from high school to a New Kids concert in Nashville, TN. (Four of us live in IN. One lives in TN.) I'm leaving my house around 11:30 am. We probably won't be back until around 5 am on Thursday morning.) The $200 would almost cover what this little experience is going to cost me.

bluerum29 optimistic idealist
05/16/17 6:47 pm

I have never pulled an all night er so no.

TheSpookyGhost paleoconservative
05/16/17 6:28 pm

I would be able to, sure, but I wouldn't do it for money.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
05/16/17 6:21 pm

I could do it, but I don't need $200 bucks that bad, so thanks, but no thanks๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿป

05/16/17 5:40 pm

Sure. Do I get 200 more each night I stay up??

05/16/17 5:15 pm

I did that last night. Where do I get my $200?

susanr Colorado
05/16/17 4:52 pm

I do that all the time, pretty unintentionally, and nobody's paying me. It's dumb. I hate it. Actually, I did it last night, except I think I snoozed in my chair - just a straight chair - for a while.

But no, to answer the poll question. I don't do dumb things for money. No matter how much money.

TheSpookyGhost paleoconservative
05/16/17 6:27 pm

The question doesn't ask whether you would. It asks whether you would be able to do it.

susanr Colorado
05/16/17 6:40 pm

I think it's pretty clear that I am physically able to do it, since I do it frequently, but thanks for the correction on what the question actually asks. Now I *really* don't know how to answer the poll question, though. I'm physically capable of the staying up all night part. I'm not ethically inclined to take money for doing it, but I could probably talk myself into doing it, if I donated the $200 somewhere afterward. (I'm just weird about money.) So I still voted yes.

05/16/17 4:36 pm

I tend to be wakeful anyway, and I am on a cruise at the moment, so absofinglutely! I could use the cash to enhance my drinking/shopping fun!

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
05/16/17 4:27 pm

It would be a bad idea but I'd do it. I'm at Air Assault School right now and I have 5 rappels scheduled for tomorrow. Those could be a little rough if I don't sleep tonight ๐Ÿ˜‚

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
05/16/17 6:25 pm

Gun, get your rest, your country needs you to be good to go ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Thanks for your service๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

ComradeJames nationalism
05/16/17 4:24 pm

Hell, I'd do it for 50¢.

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
05/16/17 3:38 pm

Im a teenager with a smartphone who spends all day in school. Sure i would. Easy.

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
05/16/17 3:30 pm

heck yeah! 200 goes a long way

sadewt Rexburg, Idaho
05/18/17 12:16 am

considering that would double the size of my bank account right now, it'll st tech quite a ways.

05/16/17 3:30 pm

I've been up since 4 in the morning. No thank you.

infinity1 Cincinnati, OH
05/16/17 2:46 pm

I already did last night. I'm not about to do it 2 x in a row.

elianastar FreeSpeech
05/16/17 2:34 pm

I go sleepless for free far too often! ๐Ÿ˜†

american6 Moderate Libertarian
05/16/17 2:18 pm

My graduation is tonight, so I'm probably going to pull an all nighter anyway.

taumpy Massachusetts
05/16/17 2:04 pm

I would be able, yes, but I wouldn't do it unless I was getting a lot more money than that.

I pulled enough all nighters to last a lifetime in my 20s. I'll take the sleep, thanks!

phalnx Ohio
05/16/17 1:47 pm

...All-Nighter doing what? I'd play video games all night for free :D. I pull one every Monday/Tuesday...up all day, then work all night.

05/16/17 1:20 pm

I'd would just take out $200 from the ATM and blow it on red bull and vodka. Stay up all night partying.

RNJen Bay Area USA
05/16/17 12:19 pm

Did this yesterday to complete my 21 page care plan..... than went to a clinical site in the morning, only to find that the professor quit. The dean decided that the only way to "make up clinical hours" was to make us write a three page APA formatted paper on my patients most identifying diagnosis, due in 5 hours. I completed it drunk and sleep deprived. So yah, I got this.... what was the question again?

05/16/17 12:18 pm

$200 is not enough money to pull an all nighter.

badattitude no place like home
05/16/17 12:08 pm

No. I'll get up early and make $2000.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
05/16/17 11:56 am

Easily. Free money.

kjs Minnesota
05/16/17 11:51 am

Two hundred is too small an amount. We are raising our grandkids. Sleep is essential. Now for $1,000.00 I'd do it.

05/16/17 11:50 am

I'd PAY $200 for a good nights sleep.

Zebera5659 Kennewick WA
05/16/17 1:29 pm

Better comment than what I was going to write

Henry123 Connecticut
05/16/17 11:42 am

I do them every once in a while anyways. I would absolutely love to get paid for it