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ScenarioNations May 16th, 2017 3:30am

Universe 1 - 2067 DDNE Referendum: The DDNE is a direct democratic nation in New England that holds 6 states. Does Massachusetts (DDNE) join the US nation that holds 7 states?

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JustTheFacts7 New York
05/16/17 3:54 am

Massachusetts Illegally joined the DDNE. Secession is Illegal and will not be tolerated.

MMDoge Arizona
05/15/17 8:40 pm

Which one is the option that makes it join New England?

AlfredoBaca Texas
05/15/17 8:42 pm

Massachusetts is already in DDNE. This vote is if Massachusetts should secede and join the US or not.

ScenarioNations California
05/15/17 8:42 pm

It's already in New England so saying no would mean that it'd remain in the DDNE