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CajunTrooper Louisiana State Trooper
05/15/17 6:56 pm

My nomination was the same way. Final vote was 107 and it was 53-47, 55% male & 20% female.

AmericanpartyVC Chair CovfefeDealer
05/15/17 6:52 pm

30 unregistered accounts on a nomination that failed by 2%, and fell multiple percentage points in the last 30 minutes. It's time someone looks into this blatant fraud from the VC establishment.

TheSpookyGhost paleoconservative
05/15/17 6:54 pm

It was also called and possibly closed 4 hours before the 1 day limit. @CollinMatthew @CajunTrooper

05/16/17 7:53 am

Dude, i've been saying this. I watched my nominations fall from 78% to like 48% in one hour. But nooo there was no proof. This is why I did the bill that was just posted.