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johonmilla May 16th, 2017 1:26am

The Washington Post released a story saying Trump released classified information to Russian officials at a meeting. National security Advisor McMaster denies this. Do you think the story is valid?

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johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/16/17 10:28 am

Guys, the story is verified to be true now. Trump himself admitted it.

commonman1 Peace
05/16/17 4:16 pm

What is true is that leaders have classify conversations with one another. However whoever linked this information from the White House has created a felony and should be prosecuted for putting our nation at risk.

05/16/17 7:45 am

They know publishing fake news destroys their credibility, which is all that matters to a news organization, but they just cannot help themselves. They're like drug addicts pumping put their own mothers to get their next hit of Trumpophobia.

pietsch Another Adoring Fan
05/16/17 6:04 am

That rag. I wouldn't wipe off a dirty window with that nasty newspaper.

kspells TheOtherOtherside
05/16/17 4:33 am

McMaster said it did not happen as reported. AKA It happened differently than reported.

jazzman11 Juneau, AK
05/15/17 8:56 pm

Do you think that information is often shared between world leaders? Do you think it's the prerogative of those leaders? Do you think that the press and this article serves our interests or those of the US?

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/16/17 6:34 am

Is it their prerogative? Yes. Is it shared freely often? No. He's a showboat. He was grandstanding

fmm Philadelphia suburb
05/16/17 5:27 am

see the update - speedtest confirmed by Reuters

gluxford1 Arizona
05/15/17 6:59 pm

No, it sounds like fake news.

gluxford1 Arizona
05/15/17 7:00 pm

How do you know?

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/16/17 6:31 am

Because trump tweeted confirmation that he did it

gluxford1 Arizona
05/16/17 8:16 am

According to the New York Times, he shared information about ISIS. President Trump has said numerous times that he would like to work with Russia on defeating ISIS. Why wouldn't he share information about a terrorist organization that both countries have an interest in defeating?

commonman1 Peace
05/16/17 3:50 pm

It was valid that Hillary leaked classified information but what good did that revelation do. It matters not.

05/15/17 6:32 pm

Looks like there's no source.

johonmilla Monroe, nc
05/15/17 6:36 pm

I don't know how to link a source into my poll, but anyway the Washington Post story claims officials, past and present, and cited sources. Everything contradicting right now and there is no certain truth yet.

05/15/17 6:37 pm

Sounds like another BS hit piece. Like when they completely fabricated a story about Russia hacking a power grid.

05/15/17 6:39 pm


JDoe Its a gift
05/15/17 6:51 pm

McMaster didn't deny the story. He delivered a carefully crafted statement "At no time -- at no time -- were intelligence sources or methods discussed. ". The original story talked about information being given by Trump which could be used to identify sources. Notice that McMaster never denied that Trump provided the Russians with highly classified information that was given to US intelligence sources under pretty tight conditions.

4JC Christian Pastors Wife
05/15/17 7:39 pm

Johnomilla I see that you've only done 18 polls, so I'm going to walk you through linking a source. I found out REALLY fast when I joined SOH that links to back up what you're claiming are required by many people! Lol

Do you know how to copy and paste? If so, all you have to do is copy and paste the website address into the small rectangular box that is up under the main poll question section, where it says URL.


Think Lovin Life
05/16/17 4:54 am

JD ... we all saw the WashPo article, but there are no sources cited in the article! Who is backing up the unsubstantiated claim that's made in the article. The president and the other three people on the room have all said it didn't happen.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/16/17 6:33 am

The president has now admitted to doing it. So who's lying? Him or McMaster

05/16/17 6:37 am

Admitted to doing what? The president has authorization to declassify, the Bezos Post reported that Trump shared highly classified information, which is false since it was previously declassified.

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
05/16/17 6:49 am

Don't act like he knows what he's doing. He was grandstanding.

Think Lovin Life
05/16/17 6:52 am

Sweet ... and what was it when MrO was caught with the hot mic when he promised the Russian president that he'd have more flexibility after the election?

JDoe Its a gift
05/15/17 6:28 pm

Read McMasters denial. He chooses words pretty carefully.

EarlyBird Portland
05/15/17 6:45 pm

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