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Crawdaddy11 May 16th, 2017 12:21am

Last night on my morning walk I found a couple bit-coins (they are surprisingly easy to find). Both are dated back to the 1940s. I know they are very collectible, but I can't resist the urge to spend them! Which would be a better use of these coins?

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Amykl Temecula, CA
05/15/17 9:17 pm

So, last I checked....'Bitcoin' wasn't a physical coin. What exactly did you find?!?!

Crawdaddy11 Proud Wolverine
05/16/17 3:24 pm

Two bitcoins they were buried beneath some leaves

NKarta Please excuse my sanity
05/15/17 7:47 pm

I take it this isnt the online currency bitcoins? So what are they?

Kay41 the Midwest
05/15/17 5:34 pm

I think they are best used for making phone calls from a phone booth.

Crawdaddy11 Proud Wolverine
05/15/17 5:48 pm

Good idea I'll try that thanks for the reminder!

4boot LaTrineodeur, MN
05/15/17 9:15 pm

Yes, but they'll only work in a 40's vintage phone booth. Might as well put them in a bit coin collector's folder...

Kay41 the Midwest
05/16/17 7:15 am

Good idea! I didn't think of that.