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Liberty May 15th, 2017 10:57pm

Bob wants money, so he steals some from his neighbor. Did Bob act ethically or morally?

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DexNav Location
06/20/17 12:13 am

That's known as theft. Ridiculous question- were you trying to get 100% "no" vote?

Liberty 4,032,064
06/20/17 9:14 am

There was a main poll that asked the same thing at the time I posted this, so I wanted to see how my followers compared with SOH as a whole.

Rationalis Classical Liberal
05/18/17 5:21 am

Now if Bob called himself the government then he could get away with theft.

Suzan Hawaii
05/16/17 12:46 am

What 2% voted yes? I don't get that

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 2:21 am

More than that voted yes on the main poll.

theNobamist Silicon Valley
05/15/17 11:47 pm

He acted like a rampant Marxist.

05/15/17 9:51 pm

So sad that question is even asked. Even morons know that stealing is bad. A sin actually.

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 2:24 am

But what if he really wanted it?!?!? Like if he wanted it a lot?!?!?!

sea California
05/15/17 9:11 pm

As long as Bobs neighbor has more money than Bob, I think this is actually a Democrat party ideal.

05/15/17 7:20 pm

Welcome to big government

Okie1967 Lets go brandon
05/15/17 7:18 pm

Not only "no," but it wouldn't be any less immoral had he lobbied for and won a law that did the same thing.

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 2:24 am

Good point.

ComradeJames nationalism
05/15/17 5:41 pm

Dear God, tell me this isn't your refutation of socialism. Political science can't have degenerated to this.

goalie31 OrthodoxCatholicChristian
05/15/17 6:49 pm

The better way would be I'm in a room with 2 guys. I have $100 and they have none. We vote and they agree in a 2/3 majority it is okay to take my money because I have more than them

ComradeJames nationalism
05/15/17 7:24 pm

Do you understand at all?

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 2:23 am

No one said anything about socialism except you, but I definitely see how you could connect the two.

EarlyBird Portland
05/15/17 5:35 pm

It's wrong to steal just because you want something. It gets grey when you "need" something.

05/15/17 7:13 pm

"Need" leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

EarlyBird Portland
05/16/17 6:39 am

If a woman finds herself homeless and hasn't fed her child in two days, her moral obligation is to find the means to feed the child.

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 7:01 am

That's right, but it doesn't in any way change the fact that it's wrong to steal.

05/16/17 7:09 am

Her need may mitigate some of the consequences for stealing, but that doesn't give her carte blanche to do anything in the pursuit of feeding her kids.

EarlyBird Portland
05/16/17 7:17 am

I agree with both of you. Two wrongs don't make a right but I feel in this case, it would be 'more" morally wrong to let her child starve.

05/16/17 7:21 am

It would be, but that doesn't make stealing right. Stealing is always wrong.

You'd have to look at what licit and moral options were available to her, and how much and how hard she actually tried those options before turning to stealing.

05/16/17 7:26 am

Also, it would help if she was hot, and had a good personality.

RagingMystic covfefe
05/15/17 4:35 pm

Depends on the situation. Is the money so he and his family don't starve to death? Of so, then yeah he did

Liberty 4,032,064
05/15/17 4:37 pm

He just wants it. That covers any possible reason why he wants it.

HammeringMan Gods Away On Business
05/15/17 4:53 pm

I would say it's ethically wrong, but in extreme circumstances could be argued to be morally right.

RagingMystic covfefe
05/15/17 4:57 pm

Then if he or his family are starving or nearly homeless and his neighbor isn't, then yeah its moral

Think Lovin Life
05/15/17 6:40 pm

Mystic ... don't answer the question, you'd ruin your streak!

Liberty 4,032,064
05/16/17 2:22 am

His motivation is irrelevant. It's wrong to steal.

Kamden popular revolt
05/15/17 3:58 pm

But is wasn't REAL communism!

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
05/15/17 4:00 pm

If it fails it's fake capitalist communism. If it works, like in my blog posts, it's real communism