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VirtualCongress May 15th, 2017 10:38pm

Speaker CajunTrooper (D-LA) proposes Debate Qualification Act

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TheSpookyGhost paleoconservative
05/15/17 5:56 pm

Nay. This is unnecessarily uninviting for new members, and most would give up anyways if they're polling below 15%.

Jkllink VC President
05/15/17 4:54 pm

Nay, everyone should be allowed to debate.

AndrewGVN VC Lib Whip TX
05/15/17 4:30 pm

Nay due to section 1, all candidates should be able to debate.

ranger13 Texas
05/15/17 4:12 pm

Big yea. Makes sense and it is just like the real presidential debates.

VirtualCongress Speaker NDAmerican
05/15/17 3:39 pm

1. In the president and speaker debates, if there are more than two(2) candidates, a candidate must have more than 15% of the vote from the latest straw poll to participate in the debate.

2. If there are more than one(1) debates occurring for the election of each position, this is the requirement for the last debate only.

3.For any debate prior to the last, a candidate must have at least 1% of the vote to participate.