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anniepoops May 15th, 2017 9:25pm

Do you enjoy reading conspiracy theories? (I have a link where people argue Avril is dead)

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ladyniner81 I hate people
05/17/17 11:55 am

Like Jade Helm, chem trails, Bush was behind 9/11, Sandy hook was a hoax, JFK, Elvis is an alien type of shit? It cracks me up how stupid people are to believe that stuff.

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/17/17 11:57 am

It's fun to go on those websites too.

anniepoops fear the deer
05/17/17 12:01 pm

Yes, I enjoyed the twitter feed that I attached. It's hilarious.

ElizabethL BOS . NC
05/16/17 6:59 pm

Already heard about it 😳 idk if I'm buying it though...what do you think?

anniepoops fear the deer
05/16/17 7:34 pm

My roommate is convinced, but I'm skeptical about this one. I was entertained about this one.

It's be funny if it were true.

05/15/17 7:21 pm

Yes. I really enjoy them.
Not a believer, of course. I just see them as the basis of really good sci-fi.

P777 Online
05/15/17 5:28 pm

I do. Some I believe and others I don't, but they're all interesting to look at. In fact right now I'm writing a futuristic dystopian series about the NASA Bluebeam and Agenda 21 conspiracies. The research for this project has been fascinating!

anniepoops fear the deer
05/15/17 6:22 pm

Ooo what's the most interesting part (if you can pinpoint it)?

05/15/17 3:22 pm

Here is some pretty "out there" stuff:

I am not saying that I believe in this. Just fun and interesting to read.

anniepoops fear the deer
05/15/17 3:28 pm

Same. It's entertaining, so I had to share the new theory I heard about. ⌛️⏳🤔

anniepoops fear the deer
05/15/17 3:28 pm

Thanks for the share 💩

anniepoops fear the deer
05/15/17 3:04 pm

Why'd they have to go and make things so complicated?

xxxceo Nationalist
05/15/17 2:56 pm

I love conspiracies as long as I don't allow myself to get sucked in. is a cool conspiracy site.