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FacePalm May 15th, 2017 9:18pm

If Barack Obama had met with Representatives of Russia, including Russian media, a day after firing the head of the FBI investigating HRC, many conservatives in this app would have filled the polls with accusations. Why the silence now?

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05/16/17 9:39 am

It all goes back to who is in office. And this app leans heavily conservative. And that's who has the office now.

HelloThere12345 Utah
05/16/17 8:40 am

And many Democrats would be defending, even praising, Obama for his actions. Both sides are guilty of holding double standards due to party affiliation or ideology. I'll admit that I have been guilty of holding double standards myself, although I try not to. It's human nature to do so, and easy to see it in others but hard to see it in ourselves. This poll itself is even an example of holding double standards, as it points out the double standards of one group while ignoring the double standards of the other.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/16/17 9:13 am

I would not be celebrating that. I would be horrified.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
05/16/17 9:24 am

It is impossible to ask that question in any other way. The concern at hand is this particular action at this particular time. Even here, rather than answer the question as asked, people are attempting to deflect back onto liberals. I did not ask about liberals. I want to know why it is OK to conservatives for DJT to do what he has done, when their heads would have exploded if Barack Obama did it.

They spent years investigating HRC over Benghazi, and emails, yet suddenly things like American security don't matter anymore when it is Trump and Russians.

05/15/17 7:42 pm

Because we support Trump and Obama was a closet racist and Muslim

DoctorWasdarb Decolonize
05/15/17 9:03 pm

Why would it matter if Obama were Muslim or not?

05/16/17 3:24 am

It matters because he lies about it

05/16/17 9:36 am

Kind of like how Trump is a Christian?

05/15/17 7:11 pm

Because Trump might sign tax cuts for the wealthy

voc I am...what I am
05/15/17 5:02 pm

As the conservatives like to say, the hypocrisy of the right knows no bounds.

05/15/17 3:54 pm

It is painfully clear that there is a core group of extreme partisans in this country who are willing to support a criminal or traitor in the WH as long as that person promotes their own partisan ideology.

05/15/17 7:43 pm

Exactly!! Look how many people voted for Hillary! You're right

ladyniner81 I hate people
05/17/17 11:50 am

It was the lesser of two evils. It was either a turd sandwich or a shit salad 😝

SticksandStones Stop fearmongering
05/15/17 2:26 pm

Because this is what conservatives (and liberals) do.

kennabenena life is a blonde moment
05/15/17 2:31 pm

I agree. Conservatives & liberals aren't that different in their actions, only in their core beliefs. In the end we're all humans...

mistah Happy Happy Joy Joy
05/15/17 5:59 pm

Except for the lizard people running ur country