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Show Of Hands November 5th, 2011 12:00am

Gift cards: good gifts (flexible!) or bad gifts (thoughtless!)?

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11/14/11 9:49 pm

free money is always a good thing:)

11/14/11 9:46 pm

Gift cards can be much more thougtful than money because they can show that you have at least observed what a person seems to like to buy or at a certain place

11/13/11 1:37 am

A gift card restricts you to one place. If you are going to give $, give straight up $. Then they can use it over a wider range of places.

11/11/11 4:56 pm

most ppl say good cause there quick to get, and get them. I am one of those ppl lol(:

11/10/11 5:31 pm

you can get something you want and that you like with a gift card

lilipad Tennessee
11/08/11 4:26 pm

Well it really depends. Like if someone who knows you than it's thoughtless. But if you don't know what they like then it's better for both of you

Artonbay Where I am
11/08/11 7:21 am

To solve the "specific place" issue, get a Visa gift card. Can be spent anywhere.

ashann(: Washington
11/08/11 12:41 am

The only problem I think with gift cards is typically you can only use them at one particular place, they're not valid anywhere else

14573 Scary Numbers
11/07/11 10:24 pm

GIFT CARDS ARE REDUNDANT!!! Give cash it can be spent anywhere!

Flooded Virginia
11/07/11 12:38 pm

gift cards are also good for clothing stores-saves awkward wrong sizes

Flooded Virginia
11/07/11 12:25 pm

it depends on the person/situation. a few years ago, my younger cousin wanted a wii for christmas. he know it would be rude to ask one person to buy him such an expensive gift, so instead he asked for gift cards to best buy. he was able to get what he really wanted, and no one had to pay too much

11/07/11 2:25 am

"Here, do whatever the hell you want!"

11/06/11 7:05 pm

if not a wrapped gift, give cash. You can spend it ANYWHERE!

pyromnt New York
11/06/11 2:48 pm

I love actual presents, with wrapping paper and boxes, not just stinky cards

11/06/11 10:45 am

They are great gifts. I like getting them so I can pick out my gifts myself

11/06/11 2:55 am

I love cards. Let's u know at least they thought of you. :)

11/06/11 12:55 am

Gift cards to Licorice Pizza and the Wherehouse to buy some tapes.

applestar Florida
11/05/11 6:01 pm

I love getting gift cards and I tend to give them!

11/05/11 5:23 pm

Cash is best. Most gift cards restrict the user to specific store.

11/05/11 4:17 pm

It's good because whoever gets the gift card can get what they want instead of u getting them something u don't want then them returning it and acting like they want it!

smiley12 California
11/05/11 3:33 pm

LOVE gift cards! lol that way, I dont feel bad about spending money on shopping.

11/05/11 3:06 pm

Bad! Cash good! If i got a TJMax gift card, I would kill someone. Cash is expendable

FrankZappa New York
11/05/11 12:43 pm

My aunt would get me Sam Goody gift certificates, but she wanted me to play what I got for her. I loved introducing her to stuff, the old hippy.

11/05/11 11:42 am

I like the universal gift card of money better.

peacenskis Alaska
11/05/11 9:15 am

I think gift cards are great for those who like/need expensive items. For example, if a friend is saving to buy new skis, a gift certificate to help out is nice. When my Brother got married, I pitched in a big gift card to Home Depot since they were buying a house first thing. Not okay for all.

11/05/11 8:55 am

I second readybbm's comment. I love reading, so my family likes to get me gift cards to book stores to avoid buying me books I've already read. Those gift cards are great, but others are sort of useless.

Jzz California
11/05/11 1:43 am

you can also give gift cards via American express, etc. which is more general. this year I plan on giving them to some of my friends/family who are having hard times. they can use to pay bills, food presents for their children.

redebbm 91709
11/05/11 1:33 am

It has to actually be useful. Like if you know the person loves cheesecake factory or is hurting for fuel but buying a random store gift card can be thoughtless.

11/05/11 12:49 am

And if you are giving me a gift card, just give me cash. Gift cards aren't flexible at all.

11/05/11 12:49 am

Love getting them, hate giving them.

11/05/11 12:48 am

Good to receive, bad to give...

BadBadger Georgia
11/05/11 12:30 am

I got a gift card for PetSmart once. Admittedly, I occasionally shop there for a particularly choice cut of meat, and I used the card. But a gift card for a grocery store? Seriously?

11/05/11 12:17 am

If its a gift card to stores like Walmart or Target....bad gift.

But if it's a gift card/certificate for a unique store or service (something I am interested in or need) then its good.

Massages....for example...

11/05/11 12:10 am

gift cards are bad gifts, insofar as if you don't know what to get someone, giving them something that works like cash but is strictly worse is dumb :P

11/05/11 12:07 am


katniss Dallas, TX
11/04/11 11:52 pm

That last post was a continuation of the first by the way!


katniss Dallas, TX
11/04/11 11:48 pm

I would consider it less thoughtful (in most cases!)

katniss Dallas, TX
11/04/11 11:48 pm

A gift card from someone who you're not super close to is thoughtful because the giver is acknowledging that you might be able to pick something for you than they can and that they want you to enjoy the gift as much as possible! But if it was from a best friend, etc., then...

chefsusie California
11/04/11 10:57 pm

I make homemade gifts. Jelly, jam, chutney, candy. Those are the gifts everyone asks about. :)

KudosToYou California
11/04/11 10:46 pm

The best a gift card can be used for us a stocking stuffer or a cheap contest prize.

KudosToYou California
11/04/11 10:45 pm

Gift cards are trash. They're highly unoriginal, require no thought, and are a big contributor in the lack of quality product these days. Furthermore, they force the receiver into buying something from a specific provider.

Feerzz Missouri
11/04/11 10:23 pm

I like getting gift cards but I like iTunes the best

11/04/11 9:44 pm

Depends on who is receiving them. Personally I like them, because it let's me get what I need. At the same time, they require no thought or caring for the person. It's not appropriate in many instances.

11/04/11 8:49 pm

good, lot of times people do t spell out what they want for a gift so why not give them an opportunity to get someone they really want if that's the case

11/04/11 8:41 pm

hey no problem Denver. it's like I always say we're not here for a long time we're here for a good time. don't let stuff get to ya :)