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Octopus July 22nd, 2013 2:56am

Do you think you could be hypnotized?

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lesil Colorado
07/22/13 12:33 am

When I was driving my car in heavy traffic in the rain with my wipers going, my dad (a psychotherapist) said I was hypnotized and that I needed to check my mirrors to get out of it.

07/22/13 12:37 am

That's interesting! I feel like I zone out the most while driving because it gets so repetitive.

Correption Under a Bridge
07/21/13 11:57 pm

I'm so hypnotizable that I could get hypnotized watching someone else get hypnotized.

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
07/21/13 11:55 pm

Yeah, I've been hypnotized once. It was pretty freaky.

07/22/13 12:05 am

Ooh, I'm interested! Who did it and why?

Scrazzle Winter is Coming
07/22/13 12:55 am

A guy a few years older than me at a HS age summer camp, had been telling stories about it. I wanted to see if it was real. Yup. It happens. Didn't put me under deep enough though and I broke the hypnosis too early.

Jungle in the dog house
07/21/13 9:21 pm

Not if I didn't want to.

07/22/13 12:05 am

That's how I feel, that it's like a placebo effect type deal -- if you don't believe in it, it won't be effective.

RyanOH Ohio
07/21/13 8:33 pm

I LITERALLY just stopped watching the movie Dead Again with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Brannaugh which in some part has to do with hypnosis. Good flick if you want to watch it!

07/21/13 9:27 pm

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out!

MissN The Experiment
07/21/13 8:01 pm

Nope, have done it to a guy here and there, though *smirk*