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AlexD Respectful Debate
09/11/12 8:23 pm

Friday is overrated...I'm still waking up early and working on Friday.

yesmaam socal
09/10/12 8:15 pm

TGIF!!! Ever heard of TGIS? Nope!

monkeyy Ohio
09/10/12 6:37 pm

Sunday means church and spending time with my family. A break from the normal craziness.
Friday means school, xc practice, marching in the football game, preparing for xc meet the following day…
I picked Sunday:)

SillyNiner New York
09/10/12 12:17 pm

Sunday means Niner football..and ohhhh did they deliver :)

ishady 86451132020
09/10/12 2:24 am

Although they did win yesterday.

ishady 86451132020
09/10/12 2:23 am

Sunday. It's about football and hanging with your friends watching the eagles Lose.

09/09/12 8:26 pm

Is this even a queation? Sunday sucks. All the bull shit about church is a waste of time. Friday=get drunk and party

09/09/12 9:22 am

Friday is a relax night. Stay up late. Do something and sleep late

09/09/12 2:43 am

Sunday.... relaxing, home day. Peaceful.

09/09/12 1:46 am

Sunday. I'd much rather have sunday everyday than friday. :-)

09/08/12 10:32 pm

sunday means monday is tomorrow :(

Window Pennsylvania
09/08/12 8:33 pm

Well, if it's a weekend I have to go to my dad's and watch his girlfriend die of cancer, than Sunday because I get to go home. But Friday on my mom's weekend.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
09/08/12 7:17 pm

Definitely Friday. I get to sleep in, with only one class from 12-12:50. I practically get a three day weekend every week. Gotta love college. :)

09/08/12 6:52 pm

Those are the kinds of things that children do in the LDS Church. I love it!

09/08/12 6:51 pm

Sunday! I love going to church. I love to see my children show me their drawings of gospel centered themes. My oldest of three children is only four years old and she already knows who Jesus Christ is and why He is important to her. She also learns and sings songs about the Savior. I love Sunday!!

snafu Washington
09/08/12 6:41 pm

Friday is the beginning of a nice relaxing weekend. Sunday is the end of it and the start of more BS.

09/08/12 6:32 pm

Sunday, definitely! Sleep until about 9, pancake breakfast sponsored by a local non-profit, then football the rest of the day! This is my Sunday from now through the end of January!!

09/08/12 3:55 pm

Are you people crazy? Sunday is FOOTBALL DAY.

09/08/12 2:20 pm

Friday, I'm in high school, so I get to see most of my friends and stay out late.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/08/12 11:43 am

I don't work outside my home so the whole Friday/Sunday argument is different for me. Sunday is my day to relax. On Sunday I get to 'fill my bucket' at Church, I get to relax, and I get to look forward to the children going back to school on Monday!!

wakeup South Dakota
09/08/12 10:57 am

This question has drawn many funny comments.
School, Work, football, & Church all fun places.

wakeup South Dakota
09/08/12 10:53 am

Fri or Sun for what?
Sunday to worship and Friday to prepare for Sunday. ????

KillShot Wisconsin
09/08/12 9:56 am

Sept thru Jan... sunday.
Feb thru Aug... Friday

hippiedude fields of green
09/08/12 9:38 am

Depends, last night I got really stoned and jammed to the grateful dead for 3 hours and grooved on the bass. Sundays normally consist of family dinner and my girlfriends house and spending time with her.

Rio76 Wild West
09/08/12 9:37 am

For evangelical Christians, Sunday is the Sabbath, and we are commanded in scripture to keep it holy, which literally means "set apart" from the other days of the week. We worship together at church which is awesome, and then enjoy the slow pace of the day with family (and football too!).

DanMaclean Michigan
09/08/12 9:18 am

I'm glad football is back on though. GO LIONS!!!!

DanMaclean Michigan
09/08/12 9:17 am

Church ruins my Sundays....ewww church (shudders at the meer thought)

09/08/12 9:06 am

This would make a great showdown question.

09/08/12 8:53 am

Friday Friday everyone's getting down on Friday

09/08/12 8:31 am

Now that the NFL season is here, Sunday hands down! Any other time of year I'd go with Friday though.

Hawkn Texas
09/08/12 7:59 am

Actually I work Sundays and get Fridays off hah

MGLC New Mexico
09/08/12 7:37 am

Sunday = nothing
Friday = work

09/08/12 7:33 am

Sunday is the day before I have to return to that retched institution of education lol. Friday means emancipation from it!! :D

09/08/12 7:24 am

@dadstad my family gathers for family time &food on Sundays too. Except it is in the parking lot of stadium and consists of tailgate food & football. Lol.

EarlyBird Portland
09/08/12 7:14 am

Zod - coming from Phoenix, where stores are all open long hours on Sundays, this is very annoying about Portland. I think it's a regional thing.

Zod Above Pugetropolis
09/08/12 7:10 am

Doesn't anyone else find it annoying that so many places are closed or have shorter hours on Sunday? It makes it much less convenient to get stuff done if you do happen to be out and about.

09/08/12 7:02 am

Ah! Therein lies the difference... I'm not a fan of football or a partier. And too, I love my career and don't dread going back on Monday.

LOL @wed, Mastered living in the moment ... while I wish that were true, I can only hope I get there some day. :)