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Show Of Hands February 2nd, 2013 12:00am

A team of 200 scientists around the world have secured $1.6 billion for the "Human Brain Project", a ten year effort to recreate all of the capabilities of a human brain on a supercomputer. Think they'll succeed?

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susanr Colorado
02/08/13 2:28 pm

According to the project's website: To "gain profound insights into what makes us human, develop new treatments for brain diseases and build revolutionary new computing technologies." Sounds pretty cool to me.

02/07/13 7:12 pm

To what end? Super creepy. No algorithm can calculate love, determination, forgiveness and other uniquely human decisions.

trentcoolyak San Francisco
02/07/13 12:00 am

Says the Arizona republican who voted for a law that lets Hispanics' constitutional rights be breached. You, sir, have no right to talk about "mindless" voting.

trentcoolyak San Francisco
02/06/13 11:57 pm

Recently, some scientist successfully converted 1000000 gigabytes of data into human DNA... They then retrieved that data with 100 PERCENT ACCURACY. Maybe we can't create a completely perfect human brain, but we understand it more every day. So we never know.

trentcoolyak San Francisco
02/06/13 11:54 pm

Don't claim "god" did something that is perfectly explained by science.

02/05/13 8:31 am

The human brain is formed by a limited number of neurons. The human brain is finite as well.

02/05/13 7:03 am

They went from something the size of a house that was an oversized calculator to the current abilities in 60 years, emotions would be the final hurdle to overcome

02/05/13 2:09 am

Such an idiotic statement. Do you think you're smart?

02/05/13 2:07 am

I certainly hope not... Why do we need to computerize EVERYTHING? We have to computerize people now? Come on.

Alienmoose1 New York
02/04/13 10:33 pm

Lol republicans. "Jesus won't let them!"

david suburban DC
02/04/13 2:29 pm

Ultimately probably. Ten years no chance.

02/04/13 1:35 pm

I voted "NO" but I think they will achieve some positive results.

02/04/13 10:53 am

They may be able to recreate the brain but we may never fully understand "the mind"

Lulzy New Jersey
02/03/13 9:55 pm

Where's your proof for an infinte brain?

02/03/13 8:13 pm

Digital circuits are made from analog parts. Computers are finite whereas the human brain isn't.

02/03/13 6:51 pm

I think anythings possible. This would be great for progression in the understanding of mental illness and other disorders

JennaF sunflower state of mind
02/03/13 4:51 pm

Mrsteve: when scientists clone animals, they use the cells of other animals to make "copies." We cannot create from absolutely nothing. God is the only one capable of creating from nothing at all.

02/03/13 4:30 pm

Do I think they will EVENTUALLY succeed? Yes, just not in ten years. The brain is way more complex than we can even imagine

mrsteve180 New York City
02/03/13 3:53 pm

Exactly, not like we've cloned animals before or anything.

02/03/13 12:17 pm

Did we learn nothing from irobot

02/03/13 12:00 pm

I really, REALLY hope not.... Cause it'd probably take over the world..... Think about it.....

02/03/13 11:53 am

I don't doubt the capability of the computers. I doubt the human factor. How can we recreate something we don't fully understand?

STRUDELPOTATO Colorado Springs, CO
02/03/13 11:51 am

RJ, im not sure what you mean. bornofashes, i didnt say God does give out souls. i said thats what he would do if he wanted to make a computer like a human brain.

02/03/13 11:01 am

only natural for us to deny a computer such credit because we believe we are superior, but the human mind has a limit. It isn't possible for a computer to have emotions or dreams, but it will be. And when it does happen I wouldn't be surprised if their imagination surpasses that of a human being

14573 Scary Numbers
02/03/13 10:08 am

Which is what they are trying to recreate.

spykid810 Oklahoma
02/03/13 9:37 am

Emotions is going to be the hardest part.

02/03/13 8:41 am

Computers dont have emotions!

02/03/13 7:41 am

I have no doubt somebody at some point will, I just hope for the sake of humanity they don't.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/03/13 7:33 am

I say go for it, as long as the funding is solely from non-governmental grants and donations. I doubt they'll succeed, but it'll be interesting to see the result.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/03/13 7:21 am

Wow. You have a terrifying view of the future.

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
02/03/13 7:17 am

All the capabilities of the human brain? Not a snowball's chance in hell. It'll be impressive, I'm sure. But I think it is impossible to create something equal to, or exceeding your own intelligence.

sdbrev210 The Pursuit of Happiness
02/03/13 5:34 am

What a colossal waste of money. People are out of work, children go hungry and have to live without clean water and on THIS society decides it's worth spending billions (with a B!). Get a fucking grip, people.

dahawwl Texas
02/03/13 4:43 am

Is it possible for a computer to have imagination? Or dreams?

02/03/13 3:51 am

It will never have emotions, it'll just know how to respond, talk the talk but it won't feel emotions it can't walk the walk

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 3:29 am

Hmmm... I'm curious to know what their assumptions r based off of. We only use 10%. Unless ur some comic strip freak of nature neuro genius! Ooh, I wish we could tap into that other 90% - I'd like to be telepathic. That would help me out with the "lazies." Haha

tsk California
02/03/13 3:12 am

All is too farfetched. Make smell-o-vision instead.

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 3:06 am

Reading this poll/comments remind me of that show Small Wonder (And it's keeping me up while on the job)

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 3:02 am

Hmm...kinda like a dog.

02/03/13 3:00 am

Are they going to have a bake sale to raise the money?

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 2:57 am

Really?? You own a NET BOOK for crying out loud. Hell, It wants to be an iPad when it grows up! My senile granny can process info faster than those things.

02/03/13 2:40 am

The name of the company in charge of the project is cyberdyne systems and I heard the name of the computer is going to be skynet. This means that judgement day is coming!

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 2:37 am

I knew we would. Well, not EXACTLY what we have today per se, but along the lines -considering technology keeps increasing. I'm waiting on flying cars - traffic is a b!tch in Houston! Lol

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 2:23 am

Thank u, thats what i said! (I'm originally from Omaha BTW)

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 2:13 am

They're not trying to DUPLICATE the brain b/c not everyone thinks/acts/love/feel etc the same- hence the idea to recreate. I guess it will be more so a generalization or common reaction/feeling etc a "normal" human would have I'd assume.

02/03/13 2:00 am

1) the human brain is primarily capable of coming into existence sans 200 scientists/$1.6B etc etc
2) they've erroneously assumed that they know all the capabilities of the human brain
3) there's already a way to make human brains 100% free
4) everyone knows they've already failed (see #1)

8ESBABY Houston
02/03/13 1:44 am

@RJ1969...that's reproduction, not duplication. To duplicate is to basically make a carbon copy. Even identical twins aren't duplicates