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jakecrs905 July 21st, 2013 2:45am

Are you in favor of a 51st state? If so any ideas for a new state?

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Jungle in the dog house
07/20/13 8:24 pm

Why would Puerto Rico want to be a state? They're all already on welfare. I say Guam.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/20/13 7:50 pm

WA should excommunicate King County, and become the "leave me the hell alone" state.

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
07/20/13 7:49 pm

Long Island should separate from NY and stop sending all of our taxes to help balance out NYC. If we do become a state we would be one of the most powerful swing states.

07/20/13 7:58 pm

I think upstate NY would want to be it's own state too then. Same reason.

jakecrs905 Long Island, NY
07/20/13 8:08 pm

The cost of living is still higher on Long Island than it is upstate so we deserve to keep our money here, but I still get where your coming at.

07/20/13 8:18 pm

I lived upstate NY a few years and people there would sometimes say the taxes just go to NYC. Cost of living is lower but so are incomes.

07/20/13 8:19 pm

I think the issue here is that the state tries to take care of too much, which should be left to cities. Then NYC could pay for it's own spending.