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Show Of Hands December 24th, 2011 12:00am

Do you think the Federal government does a good job balancing public needs with individual liberties?

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pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
12/31/11 9:04 am

National defense, currency, and very few other things are the job of the Feds. Everything else is a right reserved to the people and the states. The Feds long ago overstepped their Constitutional bounds, and it's time put government back in its' place.
Ron Paul 2012!!!

Flooded Virginia
12/30/11 11:07 pm

we're doing a whole lot better than most other countries, but still. we can be better than we are.

12/29/11 8:41 am

Anybody that voted 'yes' on this question is out of their goddam minds! The federal government is destroying our personal liberties at an alarming rate & it's only gonna happen faster until libtards (both republican & democrat) are thrown out of office & into prison!

12/28/11 12:01 am

When you think about it, if the gov't focused as much as it should be on protecting individual rights, the public needs would be perfectly taken care of. Reduce big government. Millions of problems solved!

NYevo NY
12/27/11 6:11 pm

Now that i see these poll results, i have to ask. Can you name a country that does it better?

Malekithe This does not compute
12/27/11 10:24 am

The government does not do anything well. This is why the size and amount of control they have must be limited.

veritas1 Panda
12/25/11 6:44 pm

…anyway. Ron Paul gave a speech to congress on foreign policy and I fully agree with everything he said (except for him not believing Obama would end the war in Iraq obviously). I would recommend that you watch that of you get a chance. I don't think our military is helping our national security.

veritas1 Panda
12/25/11 6:41 pm

@unforgivn. Merry Christmas to you! Obama vetoed the old bill and they made a bunch of changes (there is a comprehensive NYTime article about them). I believe that bill has passed both house and senate and is waiting for Obama's signature (his advisors have not advised a veto).

veritas1 Panda
12/25/11 6:39 pm

Now I'm mad at the New York Times. Their article about the new bill (after Obama's veto) didn't mention the change in specificity in the first half of the article (that's all I read haha). Then I'm semi-ok with it. We still shouldn't be spending $660 bil to "defend" us.

12/25/11 4:40 pm

@cilly77c: I'd vote for Paul a million times before voting for Obama once. The sad truth is we have a two party system and a vote for Paul might as well be a vote for Obama...

12/25/11 4:37 pm

@veritas & @GunnySgt: I was reading an older version of the House Bill when I said it was ambiguous. I just found the passed version and, as Gunny said, it clearly does not allow US Citizens to be detained or otherwise have their due process rights circumvented.

12/25/11 4:25 pm

...I would definitely oppose any measure that allowed for the indefinite detaining of US citizens...or any detention without due process.

12/25/11 4:23 pm

...from indefinite detention. The House version (now passed by the Senate) is far more ambiguous. I suspect a lawsuit will be quickly filed to allow the courts to clarify the matter...

12/25/11 4:22 pm

@veritas: MERRY CHRISTMAS! I think we are basically in agreement. I just view the military as an extension of government. The Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act explicitly prohibited US Citizens...

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/25/11 2:13 pm

You can't take the SoH polls seriously . Most of the retards that vote on here aren't even of voting age.

one80 California
12/25/11 1:23 pm

cilly77c Maybe the large number of derelict trailer parks in TX-14 cause some people to feel uncomfortable about voting for Ron Paul.

KoineGeek Arkansas
12/25/11 11:41 am

The answer can be decided a number of different ways. I considered how the publics' tax dollars are waisted on entitlement programs, supposedly for the public good, which actually ends up harming the public.

cilly77c Valley Township
12/25/11 10:38 am

It's amazing that mostly everybody says no, yet nobody what's to vote Ron Paul to change it.

therivkid State of Confusion
12/25/11 4:29 am

In general, yes. There are a few issues that need working on, but all in all, I think they do a pretty good job.

12/24/11 10:41 pm

needs and wants are two different things, remember that as we move further down the spiral

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
12/24/11 9:58 pm

the premise of this question is flawed. These two items are not opposed to one another. by focussing all of it's energies on preserving individual liberties, the government will meet all of the "public needs"

one80 California
12/24/11 8:12 pm

Andree2100 yeah, That's true, but also a romanticized view of history. One could also say the US is a democratic republic and still be correct.

sohuser California
12/24/11 7:49 pm

@one80 that is probably because the U.S. Is not a democracy it is a republic. All of the ideas this country was founded on was protecting unpopular ideas, not forcing people to do what the group wants.

one80 California
12/24/11 7:27 pm

Being detained and not charged is pretty uncommon. Perhaps the number of people in jail (not prison) who have been charged and not convicted, but remain in custody because they cannot afford bail should be a more pressing concern.

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/24/11 7:27 pm

(e) AUTHORITIES.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States. >Verbatim <

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/24/11 7:23 pm

@veritas, read the bill @ Section 1021,subsection (e). You may be misinformed.

veritas1 Panda
12/24/11 6:52 pm

@unforgivn. Yes. The new DEFENSE budget. And it had passed the senate and the house. Obama hasn't signed it yet (Although he probably will).

And yes, it allows any us citizen to be held indefinitely without cause.

veritas1 Panda
12/24/11 6:45 pm

@unforgivn. Haha. You saw my response even tho it was a 200 comments later. Anyway. Obviously congress passes these laws, but why are the proposed and why are they passed? The DOD, CIA, Pentagon…All in the name of "national security" so no one can question it.

one80 California
12/24/11 6:43 pm

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index, the US ranks 19th. Norway is 1st. Uruguay, Malta, and Austria all rank higher than the US in terms of overall democracy.

SwolePatro Georgia
12/24/11 6:35 pm

There's no such thing as a successful dictatorship in my opinion, ESP in a world power. No human deserves not can handle that kind of responsibility by themself.

12/24/11 6:26 pm

Napoleon's reign was actually only a decade long. But he denied freedom of the press and suppressed opposition to his leadership. Women were repressed as well. Would this be your successful model for the USA?

12/24/11 6:24 pm

@GreatOne: What is your definition of a successful dictatorship? One where the country survives? Because in that case I agree. By that definition, Castro is a successful dictator!

SwolePatro Georgia
12/24/11 6:14 pm

His trillion dollar stimulus package is another valid point...and no I'm not givin him a break or any other president. He can take a vacation after his term as far as I'm concerned. It's four year of his life suck it up.

GunnyGunz Virginia
12/24/11 6:10 pm

If only WE could channel this disdain for big overstepping government into true action. If anyone listens to this generation of liars & thieves that infest DC now, your going to be disappointed
OUR freedom is at stake. The size of govt & it's power has grown much too large. It must be reigned in.

12/24/11 6:08 pm

unforgivin, that's why I said if. and who says dictatorships don't work? look at Napoleon

12/24/11 5:53 pm

If it does, I completely oppose it. If it doesn't, my objections decline greatly. If it passes, I'm sure a lawsuit will immediately be filed by the ACLU or similar entity.

12/24/11 5:50 pm

@Veritas: Indefinite detection...are you talking about the National Defense Authorization Act? Just an hasn't passed the Senate or been signed into law. And I'm not convinced it applies to American Citizens...

12/24/11 5:48 pm

@Veritas: Things like the Patriot Act aren't passed by the military. They're passed by congress and the President. And I agree both have overstepped their bounds in my opinion...

12/24/11 5:45 pm

I have no problem with amending the Constitution, but I would never support a dictator. It's been proven to fail over and over and over. Same thing with Communism. It doesn't work.

12/24/11 5:44 pm

@GreatOne: You are painfully naive in your youth. A "perfect leader" can't exist because absolute power corrupts absolutely! A perfect leader at the time of becoming dictator would quickly spin down into the type of dictators we see all around the globe.

12/24/11 5:29 pm

SwolePatro,that has nothing to do with this issue. But he's the damn leader of the free world, give him a break. I would ridicule his 1 trillion dollar stimulus before his 4 million dollar vacation

12/24/11 5:26 pm

Alexander, I said MOST private schools. also, my school has been rated top 30 for a couple of years now

12/24/11 4:06 pm

Agree with GySgt, go getem, Gunz.

MGLC New Mexico
12/24/11 3:54 pm


Sorry for the late response.

How is a private school a joke when the school you go to Is ranked 43 best school in America? Lol