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MisterE July 20th, 2013 5:25pm

Does the United States need to have a minimum wage?

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political Georgia
07/21/13 7:53 pm

I m not a fan of raising the minimum wage.

cowboy Here and There
07/20/13 10:38 am

No, the Government has no business getting into the private sector. It wasn't the purpose of the US government.

MJSeals J.D.
07/20/13 10:34 am

Minimum wage is the main cause of inflation, if minimum wage goes up then so to do the prices

NateE Moderate Republican
07/20/13 10:35 am

We still need one though

NateE Moderate Republican
07/20/13 10:27 am

Yes of course we do, you can't have people getting paid 2$ an hour and going home and trying to feed their family of three

MisterE Conservistan
07/20/13 10:58 am

It's the union's job to keep the worker from getting screwed, not the government's. I'm pretty sure that if minimum wage was abolished no one would be working for 2 dollars an hour.

NateE Moderate Republican
07/20/13 11:02 am

Well how could someone work for less than 7.25$ and provide for their families? Heck 7.25$ isn't even a living wage itself let alone someone working for less

MisterE Conservistan
07/20/13 11:11 am

You don't understand. Unions would probably negotiate for better wages. If minimum wage was abolished there would be more jobs available for entry level workers, and people would be able to negotiate their pay.

NateE Moderate Republican
07/20/13 11:25 am

But you can't rely on unions for everything. What about the non-union workers? But anyway your telling me that unions would negotiate to have the wages the same? Then what's the point in changing it anyway?

MisterE Conservistan
07/20/13 11:45 am

You're assuming that employers would cut wages if there was no minimum wage. There are advantages to paying your workers well. Changing it would create new jobs for young people, and get the government out of business.

NateE Moderate Republican
07/20/13 11:55 am

Well your assuming they would keep them the same. So are you really telling me that big business would not cut their wages? If so you are sadly mistaking

MisterE Conservistan
07/20/13 11:59 am

I don't think that a big company would want to piss off all of their workers. A strike is not good for business.

think4yourself Not a safe space
07/20/13 8:38 pm

The minimum wage here is $8.25 if you dont provide insurance and it is hard to get anyone to work for that. Most minimum wage jobs are also tipping jobs so after tips the workers end up making more than their managers.